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Upwardly mobile or not as the case maybe

Upwardly mobile or not as the case maybe....

A recent study indicated people were less likely to move house than they were some 30-40 years ago.

Make the most of your space

Make the most of your space

How can self-storage help you if you’re staying put?

Papers photos and family history

Papers, photos and family history

Safe storage for the family archives

Storing your canoe

Storing your canoe

Self-storage allows Mike to enjoy owning his hand-built canoe.

Work your spare room harder

Work your spare room harder

Earning cash from your spare room !

Tidy your car

Tidy your car

Why is it worth tidying your car?

A classy brown shed with windows and a welcoming open door

It’s time to put summer away

Put your summer kit into storage with our handy autumn checklist

A clean and tidy car interior, backseat

Tidy your car like a ninja

Here are my top tips to keep a well-ordered car

Tame your paper clutter

Tame your paper clutter

How long should I keep bank statements and other paperwork?

Clear out toys before Christmas

Clear out toys before Christmas

Are you dreading the influx of toys during the festive season? Follow these tips to give yourself some space

Clean sweep for Christmas

Clean sweep for Christmas

Your house is bigger than you think :   f ind the hidden space in your home this Christmas  

Four new years resolutions to cut clutter

Four new year’s resolutions to cut clutter

Four easy ways to get excess possessions out of your home

A man in a yellow shirt and white hat holding a chair in front of a storage unit.

Can I work in a storage unit?

What can you do and not do in your storage unit?

Shurgard Fire at South Croydon

Shurgard Fire at South Croydon

Potentially one of biggest fires in self storage history....

What happens at a storage auction

What happens at a storage auction?

All about self-storage auctions

Protect your possessions from pests

Protect your possessions from pests

Are you worried about pests damaging your stuff?

Winter items to store now

Winter items to store now

Make self-storage part of your spring cleaning routine

Downsizing for retirement

Downsizing for retirement

How to use a storage unit when you move to a smaller home

Choose the right self-storage facility

Choose the right self-storage facility

To get the most out of your storage unit, it’s vital to ensure it meets your needs

How to store kitchen appliances

How to store kitchen appliances

The best way to store a fridge, cooker and washing machine

How to organise your stored items

How to organise your stored items

Use the space in your storage unit efficiently

Moving your goods safely

Moving your goods safely

7 tips for a safe move into storage

Reduce wedding stress with extra room

Reduce wedding stress with extra room

Use self-storage to give yourself space in the run-up to your wedding

Make room for your growing family

Make room for your growing family

A new baby is one of the biggest life changes but extra storage space can make your life as a new parent easier

7 hacks for storing domestic goods long-term

7 hacks for storing domestic goods long-term

Long-term storage: best practice

Putting footwear in a storage unit

Putting footwear in a storage unit

What’s the best way to prepare shoes and boots for storage?

Managing possessions when a loved one dies

Managing possessions when a loved one dies

Dealing with the clothes and personal items of a deceased loved one is part of the grieving process

Store your stuff while you travel

Store your stuff while you travel

Packing up your home to go travelling? Make the most of your storage unit

What your cleaner wishes you would do

What your cleaner wishes you would do

These six tricks will help you get top value from your domestic help

Storing garden furniture

Storing garden furniture

Keep your garden furniture in top condition by getting it ready for winter

Woman holding a toddler as she cleans a TV screen with a microfibre cloth.

How clean are your screens?

Don’t let grime, dust, smears and fingerprints ruin your screens

A key fob shaped like a house with a heart cut out of it dangling from a key in a lock.

Securing your home

Make your home unattractive to burglars and thieves

FIVE ideas for green gift wrap

FIVE ideas for green gift wrap

Reduce your impact on the environment by tweaking your present wrapping habits

Five decluttering resolutions that really work

Five decluttering resolutions that really work

Get ready for a clutter-free new year with effective resolutions

Calm home for Christmas

Calm home for Christmas

Simple routines for a peaceful Christmas

How to store a TV

How to store a TV

Avoid these common mistakes when storing a TV

Do you have a fire plan

Do you have a fire plan?

Keep your family safe in the event of a housefire

Can self-storage help a hoarder

Can self-storage help a hoarder?

If you have a relative with hoarding disorder, will extra storage help?

Is climate-controlled storage necessary

Is climate-controlled storage necessary?

Domestic goods don’t need air con… or do they?

Choosing a removal firm

Choosing a removal firm

How to find the right removal company

Save money on your self-storage

Save money on your self-storage

When reviewing your budget, remember to take a close look at your self-storage bills

Preparing your relatives home for hospital discharge

Preparing your relative’s home for hospital discharge

Making the transition from hospital to home easier

Maximise space to improve life on your houseboat

Maximise space to improve life on your houseboat

Living space is at a premium on a narrowboat or yacht so make the best of what you’ve got

Storage tips for artists

Storage tips for artists

How to store and care for your artwork

Keep your family photos safe

Keep your family photos safe

Ensuring precious memories are protected for generations to come

Packing glassware for storage

Packing glassware for storage

Ways to transport glasses safely


Storing heirloom textiles

Antique textiles, whether a stunning heirloom quilt, a collection of samplers or a family Christening robe, can bring a lot of pleasure but they need to be properly cared for


Five things to take to the tip

Some domestic goods are just not worth keeping: get rid of these items today


Declutter your wardrobe

Take a realistic look at your clothes and decide what to keep and what must go


Storage ideas for your music room

Tips for keeping your instruments and music organised


How often should you change your bedding?

Is your bed a healthy place to sleep?


Storing board games

How to keep your board games tidy

A laughing child surrounded by tidily organised toys

Don’t let Lego take over your home

When you are constantly tripping over toys, battling your way through little shoes in the hallway and facing an avalanche every time you open a cupboard, it might be time to get organised. After all, a tidy house is supposedly the sign of a tidy mind.

A family sitting on the side of a garden swimming pool dangling their legs in the water

Put your swimming pool to bed

A step-by-step guide to preparing your pool for winter

girl drawing a heart on frozen window with her mum in a warm December family scene.

5 ideas to make the run-up to Christmas magical for your kids

Make some family memories during December with these festive ideas


Quick ways to make a cosy winter interior

Tips to make your home ready for the colder months


Five ways to make your decorations pop

Ideas for Christmas decorations that are very 2020

Table set for Christmas decorated with a gingerbread house

Lay your Christmas table like a pro

Tips to make your Christmas dinner look more festive


Special dates to look out for this winter

Boost your morale by marking some of these dates in January and February


Stylish décor for rented homes

Rented accommodation doesn’t have to be drab and unimaginative: we’ve got some simple temporary ideas to help you make your rented property into your home

A couple lifting an armchair during a house move.

Protect yourself from moving scams

Are you worried about fraud during your move?

A mother and daughter draw a heart in the condensation on a windowpane

Four ways to bring romance into your home

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and lockdown putting a stop to many of our normal celebrations, it’s time to get creative.

A despondent person (legs only) viewing a cluttered domestic space.

Four easy wins for spring cleaning in 2021

Can’t face a full spring clean? Here are four quick domestic jobs to do now

A selection of spiny and furry cactus plants in a domestic setting.

Caring for cacti in your home

Do you know how to help your cactus thrive?

A book shelf with plenty of space in it

Save space by scanning books

Free up space on your bookshelves by going digital


How secure is your storage unit?

Tips to make sure your possessions are safe in storage

Flatpack shelving

How do I disassemble flatpack furniture?

Is it possible to take flatpack furniture apart for storage?

A couple checking their boxed goods

How do I work out the value of my stored goods?

How much are your stored domestic goods worth for insurance purposes?

A piano going into storage

These precious items need climate-controlled storage

Is it worth paying extra for a temperature-controlled storage unit?


Checklist for putting domestic goods into store

Get on top of your storage game with our handy step-by-step for adding items to your storage unit

A couple moving items ready for storage.

Is it time to change storage provider?

Are you with the right storage company?


Storing costume jewellery

Make the most of your fashion jewellery by storing it to its best advantage


The best boxes for storing domestic goods

Pick the right containers for your storage unit

Stored goods organised attractively using boxes and rails

Should you install shelving in your storage unit?

Adding shelves, racks and rails to your storage unit

Bicycles against a railing outside a house.

Storage basics for cyclists

With the rise of pedal power more people are using bikes. But what do you do with them when they’re not on the road?

Small cactuses decorate a home.

Tips for small space living

Get comfortable with downsized living

A woman locks her storage unit.

Does the storage company have any liability if my items are damaged?

Whose fault is it if your stored domestic goods are stolen or broken?

A wintery scene with snowed-up roads and houses.

Moving house in wintertime

What to expect when you move house during winter

A child rejects a Christmas gift

How to hide Christmas presents

Keep your surprises for the big day with our Christmas gift concealment guide


Keep your family healthy this Christmas

Don’t let the Christmas season de-rail your healthy habits


Six easy-to-keep resolutions that will improve your life

Small habit changes can have a huge impact on your happiness

A couple painting a wall

Preparing to paint a room

Ready to freshen up the paintwork? Here are some quick tips to make the task much easier

A man using self-storage to keep his home clutter-free

Maintain your decluttering resolutions

How are your new year’s resolutions going?

Blankets being aired on a washing line.

Storing blankets

Are your wool blankets safe in storage?


Storing water sports equipment

Extend the life of your windsurf, paddleboard or canoe by storing it properly

Students on a sofa

Self-storage tips for students

Cramped, insecure student accommodation? Self-storage can help

NewsArticle storing fishing tackle

Why keep fishing tackle in a storage unit?

Putting your fishing tackle outside the home in a storage unit has many benefits

A person saving money by dropping coins into a glass jar

Save cash on your monthly self-storage bill

Cut the costs of self-storage