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Six easy-to-keep resolutions that will improve your life

Six easy-to-keep resolutions that will improve your life
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Small habit changes can have a huge impact on your happiness

January is a common time to try and better yourself by making a few changes. Resolutions relating to improved habits are often made, but not always kept. But it’s still worth trying a few out to see if they are good fit for your life. Here are our favourites, and some ideas to improve your chances of sticking to them.

1.       Exercise more

January is so cold and dark that it can be all too easy to find yourself breaking a resolution to exercise more frequently and consistently. But there are plenty of exercise routines you can do at home. Try to keep your space tidy and free from clutter so that it is available for exercising whenever you need it. There are exercise podcasts to help you keep going: try the NHS Fitness Studio ; or check out YouTube if you prefer to see the movements you should be doing. The running game Zombies Run has a Homefront series of missions that are designed to be done indoors, and the storytelling aspect of this app is very addictive.

2.       Get a decluttering habit

Keeping your home tidy and free from clutter is a lifetime project for many people. There are plenty of habits you can work on to help with this – for example, saying no to freebies. Or you might decide to put items that you don’t use all year round into storage so that they don’t impinge on your living space. Your stored goods will probably not be covered by your home contents insurance, so get a quick quote from Store and Insure when you cost up your storage.

3.       Practise gratitude and savouring

Happiness experts say that gratitude and savouring are two easy ways to have a better life.

Practising gratitude, that is, acknowledging your blessings in a way that is meaningful to you; and savouring, or taking time to really notice and enjoy things that you like are both habits that you can cultivate. Simple steps like writing a thank-you note, or scheduling time for your morning coffee rather than drinking it on the fly, can make all the difference. There’s even a course you can take, The Science of Well-being, to learn more about these theories and test them for yourself.

4.       Use an almanac

An almanac is a book that details things that happen in each month. It might have details of tides, moon phases, sunset and sunrise. Some more specialist almanacs have lists of garden tasks, astronomical happenings, seasonal foods, nature notes and historical dates. They are typically published annually and often given as Christmas gifts. Checking an almanac each month can stop the days blurring into each other, and it can act as a reminder to set month-sized goals, as well as annual resolutions. It can also help you find more things to savour: cultural events, or natural phenomena that you might otherwise have missed. We recommend Lia Leedertz’s Almanac.

5.       Budget better

Budgeting can help you avoid debt or save up for something that you really want. It will also help with anxiety about finances. Use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your incomings or outgoings; or just get into the habit of glancing down the statements on your banking app once a week to make sure that all is well. If you need more detailed help with budgeting, Citizens Advice is a good place to start.

6.       Meal plan

Another thing that will help with spending is meal planning. It will also reduce food waste in your home. In the UK, households throw away on average 1.96kg of food a day, according to The Eco Experts , who provide advice on eco living. As well as costing you, the shopper, money, you ultimately have to pay for disposal of this wasted food, and it has an impact on the environment. By planning your meals for the week, you should be able to buy only what you’re going to eat. Meal planning can help if you want to have a healthier diet, too, because you’ll have already decided what you’re going to buy before you go shopping.

Smart resolutions for maximum happiness

Relatively small habits can have a big impact on your happiness, so try a few on for size to see what you can achieve in 2022.

From us at Store and Insure, all good wishes for a prosperous and happy new year.