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How to organise your stored items

How to organise your stored items
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Use the space in your storage unit efficiently

If you want to get best value out of your storage unit, you will need to utilise the space to its best advantage. Here are our favourite hacks for getting the most out of your space.

Declutter before you store

Getting rid of unwanted items, rather than paying to store them, makes economic sense and will make self-storage more affordable. You might even be able to raise a little bit of cash by selling unwanted sports equipment and media. See our boot sale guide for more information.

Make an inventory of your stored items

An inventory is a list of the items you’ve got in your storage unit. It makes sense to do this because it will help when you get an insurance quote. And it will help when you need to take things out of storage because – in theory – you will know which box you’ve put them in. An inventory will also come into its own if you ever need to make a claim on your self-storage insurance.

Pack your transport right

When you come to load up, put the items you know you’ll want to bring out of storage frequently at the back. This way, you will unload them last and you can put them near the door of your unit.

Use empty spaces to maximise storage efficiency

Remember that some items you are storing have empty spaces inside them – for example, fridges, suitcases and ottomans. Make good use of these spaces to store smaller items. For other tips on packing, see our blogpost.

Manage your containers for efficient self-storage

Whatever containers you decide to pack into, label them so you know exactly what is in each box. It’s also worth noting which room the box goes into, too. Write your moving box label on the top and on the side so that it’s visible no matter which way round the box is.

Items that you will want to use frequently are best packed into smaller boxes, as these are easier to handle. Items that will be in storage for a long time can go into larger boxes.

Place larger items in storage first

Positioning larger items that you know you will not want to access frequently at the bottom of the unit makes sense. It’s also safer and avoids the risk of fragile items being crushed because something heavy has been put on top of them.

Store furniture on end

Some items don’t have to be stored in their usual configuration. So you can tip a bed divan on end, for example. That way you use the unit’s full height. Note that appliances should always be stored the right way up to avoid damage. White Goods Help has some advice on storing appliances.

Do self-storage units have insurance?

Insuring your goods is generally a condition of your contract with the storage company. Many self-storage companies offer insurance, but you are not obliged to accept it, so you’re free to shop around. Make sure you call Store and Insure on 0333 577 1699 and ask for a quote.