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Four ways to bring romance into your home

A mother and daughter draw a heart in the condensation on a windowpane
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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and lockdown putting a stop to many of our normal celebrations, it’s time to get creative.

We all know that home is where the heart is, so if you want to keep that romantic spark alive, don’t let this special day pass unmarked. Get inventive and show that special someone in your life how much they are loved and cherished.

Candlelit dinner and film evening

If you are in a long-term relationship or have been married for more years than you care to remember, you might want to go a bit retro. Light some candles in the kitchen and put on your favourite music, then get cooking together. Are you up to the tricky job of making vol-au-vents? Cooking the meal together might be fun, especially if you try something new – or something your mum or grandmother used to make. Surely nothing is more romantic than a black forest gateau laced with cherry liqueur? Get out that old cake stand and make it a real show stopper.

Of course it might be rather difficult this year to have that romantic evening for two if you have a family, so you can always involve the kids. In that case, what about some fun food like tacos or fajitas with all the trimmings? Then you can all sit down to a chick flick or a family favourite from your personal film library.

Spa experience

Try scented candles round the bath, treating each other to a massage with essential oils, some relaxing music … everything that soothes your troubles away. Surprise your other half with some rose petals around the bedroom and bathroom. Cover the bed in comfy cushions and blankets. Warmth and comfort will help set the atmosphere. Find some music especially created for massage and meditation.

Again, this might all be rather difficult if the kids are around, but you can always lock the bathroom door! Or tone it down a bit with a cosy foot spa in front of the telly.

Dance the night away

An evening of dancing is another fun one for couples – or for the whole family. Now is the perfect time to get on YouTube and teach yourselves a few new moves. If you miss dressing up, this is the ideal time to get glitzy. Pull everything out of the wardrobe that sparkles. And for those who have missed make-up and hair-dos during lockdown, get out all the paraphernalia and sit in front of the mirror.

Maybe you can get hold of an LED disco ball to bring the walls of your home alive. Let everyone choose their favourite music, push the furniture back and get bopping!

Games night

We all love our games, whether it’s a video game or an old fashioned game of Scrabble or Monopoly. For instance, Dicebreaker lists the six best escape room games to play at home. Or you could create your own mystery game using every room of the house. Set your other half some romantic clues. Another idea is to turn the lounge into a casino. Play blackjack on the dining room table, or what about a nail-biting game of whist? Then get Twister out for some laughs later on in the evening, and if you are home alone, there’s always strip poker!

Need more space for a romance on Valentine’s Day?

Clear out a bit of extra space for dancing by putting stuff you don’t use into storage. Most storage companies require you to insure your stored domestic goods and with Store and Insure you can insure by the day, so short-term storage is a simple way to make space for a special day.