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Five things to take to the tip

Five things to take to the tip
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Some domestic goods are just not worth keeping: get rid of these items today

Do you keep hold of things in the hope that they will be of use again one day? You might shove them in the attic, in your shed or garage and forget about them – sometimes for years on end. The chances are that many of these items are now dreadfully outdated, damp and mouldy, or even dangerous. As a general rule, consider dumping anything you haven’t used in the last year.

Ditch these items now!
1.       Car batteries and used motor oil

If you are a bit of a DIY mechanic, these are things you may well have lying around in the shed or garage. However, car batteries and used motor oil are really quite easy to dispose of at your local recycling centre. You can also take old tyres to the tip, but there will be a charge for these.

2.       Small electrical items

Are you keeping a food mixer, desk fan or old computer console you know full well is broken? You may well have bought a new food mixer, replaced the fan with something far more sophisticated and moved from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 – and are now keenly awaiting the release of PlayStation 5. Small electricals should be disposed of at a tip so that the materials can be reclaimed and to ensure that they do not cause environmental damge.

3.       Paperwork

Many of us have boxes of bank statements and wage slips. Maybe some of them even belonged to a relative who long since passed away. Check how long you should keep items: For instance, HMRC says you should keep records for at least 22 months after the end of the year your tax return is for. Our blogpost, Tame your paper clutter, has more specific advice. Things like bills and bank statements are often accessible online anyway. It’s time to get the shredder fired up!

4.       Old bed linen, towels and curtains

Just make sure each bed has a change of sheets and you have kept enough old towels for the dog after a muddy walk, and sheets for decorating. It is really not worth hoarding old curtains in case you move house one day. They are probably outdated – and are very unlikely to fit your new windows.

5.       Small items of furniture

If you can fit that old armchair or sofa in your car, the tip will accept it! It is worth checking with charity shops first, as some do sell furniture. But they are strict with the rules – many items need fire safety labels. See our post, Is your donation habit burdening charities.

Check for coronavirus changes before you visit the tip

Remember that you need to make an appointment at the moment to visit your local tip. Go to Recycle Aid to find out the arrangements at your local tip or just check with the appropriate recycling centre website for the details.

How much is it to rent a storage unit?

Even after clearing out the items you definitely no longer need, you are likely to have some good quality belongings, or things with sentimental value, that are cluttering up your attic, shed or garage. Now you have obliterated the obsolete items, it might be worth looking at a storage facility. Once you have found the place that meets your needs, get a quote from us at Store and Insure.