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Storing a trampoline

Two people enjoying a trampoline towards the end of summer.
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The best way to put a trampoline in storage

Did you know that you can prolong the life of your trampoline by storing it under cover during winter? Some garden trampolines get used throughout the colder months – but if you know your family prefers to hide indoors in winter, think about decommissioning and winterising your trampoline until next summer.

To store or not to store?

Trampolines and jump pads can be covered and left in place all winter; but putting it under a roof will give the best protection.

Keeping a trampoline in your garden over winter

If you opt to keep your trampoline in place over winter, here are some precautions to take:

Take down your trampoline nets for winter: when you know your trampoline won’t be used, it might make sense to take down the side netting and poles. This will maximise its lifespan and ensure it doesn’t harm local wildlife.

Remove trampoline padding when winterising: The padding over the springs on your trampoline is vulnerable to weather damage, so take it off and store it indoors.

Use a trampoline cover: Your trampoline may have come with its own cover. Check that it can be secured to your satisfaction, and also that rainwater will drain off it, rather than lying heavy on the trampoline bed. You should also sweep snow off your trampoline.

Secure your trampoline: Trampolines should be secured anyway, but double-check the restraints and anchor points during winter when there is strong wind forecast. This will guarantee that your trampoline won’t feature on local bad weather news coverage flying across the street or blocking the railway.

Put your trampoline indoors for winter

Trampolines do take up a lot of space in garages or outbuildings, though some of them can be dissembled or folded. If you’re not sure how to take your trampoline apart for storage, look online for instructions. It can be helpful to take pictures as you work so you have a reference when you put it back together.

Dissembled trampolines can be kept in a self-storage unit if need be to free up space in your garage, loft or shed. If you’re wondering how much it will cost each month for self storage, we have a guide to getting a storage quote.


Question and Answer


Can I keep a trampoline in self-storage

You can keep a garden trampoline in domestic self-storage. It will be cheaper to store a trampoline that is dissembled or folded. A trampoline will be covered by your self-storage insurance.