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Quick ways to make a cosy winter interior

Quick ways to make a cosy winter interior
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Tips to make your home ready for the colder months

Winter and colder weather are fast approaching. Since we will all be spending a lot more time inside of our homes, you will want to make your space as comfy and as warm as possible. We have some great ideas to make your interior cosier for the winter months…

1.       Make sure your central heating is in top condition

Check that your central heating system is functional before autumn ends and winter begins. It’s better to do this sooner rather that later. Get it serviced before the temperature drops so you won’t be stuck in a freezing cold house while the boiler is being fixed. Read our article on getting the most out of your central heating for more advice on caring for your system and other ways to make your home warmer.

2.       Change your lighting

The colour and intensity of a light bulb can make a room seem colder or warmer. Lighting with yellow and peach hues can create a cosier feel compared to the intense white lights that are usually the standard. Using small table lamps, rather than overhead lighting, can also make a room feel more relaxed as it is not as harsh on the eyes. Stylist Magazine’s article has cosy lighting ideas and tips for every room of your house if you need some inspiration.

3.       Buy some soft furnishings

Update your living spaces with soft and comfy objects such as pillows, blankets and rugs. You can experiment with colour and texture depending on whether you want to bring more sunshine into a room or keep it relaxing. The added layers will keep you warm after a day of bracing cold air outside.

4.       Diffuse the scents of winter warmth

Our sense of smell can really enhance the atmosphere of a room. Burn a scented candle or use an oil diffuser to make your home smell of winter. Traditional winter smells include cinnamon, ginger, pine, cloves and orange but you can choose anything that makes you feel relaxed.

5.       Put your seasonal goods into storage

Move your summer possessions into storage to make room for your new winter ones. When summer comes round again, you take out what you need. We do advise that you make limited trips to your storage unit during lockdown to protect yourself and others from covid-19.

You may be wondering whether your personal property is covered in a storage unit. Some unit providers do include their own insurance as part of their service for storing your goods, but sometimes they don’t. Always check with your provider and if they don’t offer insurance, you can look elsewhere. At Store and Insure, we can cover your personal property in storage by the day, so you only pay for what you need. Get a quote from us today.

Cold on the outside, warm on the inside

Using an of these tips will ensure that you have a warm and cosy winter inside your home.