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Store your stuff while you travel

Store your stuff while you travel
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Packing up your home to go travelling? Make the most of your storage unit

If you’re going travelling and letting out your home, then you’ll want to make sure your possessions are safe while you’re away. You may be lucky enough to have a kind friend with spare loft or garage space – but using self-storage means that you don’t have to worry about imposing on anyone’s goodwill. And with a storage unit you know your household goods will be safe in a climate-controlled environment.

Another advantage of using self-storage while you travel is that it can help you let your home sooner, so you can be on your way knowing that your pad is covering its costs. A clear space is more appealing to potential renters. And it’s easier to keep a decluttered space clean to home-viewing standards, too.


Your first step should be to decide what you want to store. Of course it’s convenient to come home to all your own familiar stuff – but if you are sleeping on a £30 bed with an ageing mattress, it might be cheaper to bin the mattress and donate the frame and buy new ones on your return.


If you are planning to be away for six months, it makes sense to commit to at least six months of self-storage. By committing to a longer contract with your storage company you may be able to reduce the monthly cost.

What facilities do you need?

Self-storage facilities offer all kinds of features that can put the monthly storage costs up or down. Some offer enhanced security, which you may not need for basic domestic goods. Some offer free pick-ups and delivery (though of course you’ll be paying for those one way or another). Think about whether this service adds value to you. And do you need 24-hour access if you’re not planning to visit your goods regularly.

Watching over your goods

It’s worth considering whether you need someone to give your stored domestic items a quick check every now again. A friend or a relative might do this, or it could be a service that some storage companies offer. If you are travelling for work, ask whether your move co-ordinator can help with this.

Even more tips to help you store your goods while you travel

Some of our other blogposts might be helpful. If you are planning an extended trip, read our 7 hacks for storing domestic goods long-term. We’ve also got posts about storing specific items, such as:

And there’s some great advice on cleaning all kinds of domestic appliances at UK Whitegoods.

Our final piece of advice is to insure your stored goods. It gives you complete peace of mind, and most storage companies will insist on it in your contract with them.

How much does storage cost monthly?

Budget is a big consideration when travelling – so don’t forget to factor in the cost of your storage when you calculate your monthly living expenses.

The cost of storage varies enormously up and down the country and even between storage providers. The best way to get an idea of how much it will cost you to store your goods is to get quotes from providers. Before you do this, make a list of everything you want to store. Some self-storage companies offer a calculator that will help you to work out how much space you’ll need. This list will also come in handy when you want to insure the contents of your storage unit.