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Packing glassware for storage

Packing glassware for storage
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Ways to transport glasses safely

Fine crystal glasses are pricy to replace and may have sentimental value, so take the time to pack them properly for a move to ensure they are in good shape when you bring them out.

List your glassware

An inventory list will help when you come to insure your goods – but it’s also useful to remind yourself what you have in storage. You make a simple list; or you can take photographs of your glassware. Be sure to note any imperfections like chips or scratches. (by the way, did you know that there are craftsmen specialising in repairs to chipped crystal glasses? )

If you are taking your glassware into storage, note that you will probably need to have insurance as a condition of your contract with the storage company. So, a detailed inventory, particularly of high-value glassware, will definitely be helpful.

At this point, check that your glasses are clean and dry. Items stored damp or dirty will attract pests and mould (see our blogpost on mildew to find out more).

What packing supplies are best for glasses?

Once you know how much glassware you are going to move, you can assemble your packing materials. Divided boxes, such as those that bottles come in, are a great choice for packing glassware. Small to medium-sized boxes are best for fragile items like glasses. This is because larger boxes tend to get overpacked, increasing the chances of breakage. You can buy or make dividers to fit a box, too – it depends how much trouble you want to go to when packing glassware. But you can use any sturdy box as long as you wrap your glasses carefully.

Wrappings for glasses include pieces of bubble wrap, foam pouches or packing paper. You could also use tea towels and dishcloths. Whatever you use, make sure it’s clean and appropriate – I wouldn’t fancy drinking from a glass that had been wrapped in someone’s old pants.

You’ll also need tape – it’s worth spending out on tape. Cheap tape splits and sticks to itself. Packing for a move is frustrating enough: don’t make it worse for yourself for the sake of a few pence.

Best practice for packing glassware

Check the base of the box is properly taped before you begin packing it with fragile goods.

It’s worth putting a piece of padding on the bottom of the box – this might be a piece of corrugated card, or a piece of bubble wrap.

Wrap each glass individually, taking particular care with glasses that have long stems.

When the box is full, lay a piece of padding over the top of your glasses. Then, holding the box lid closed, pick up the box and give it a little shake. If you can feel something moving, open it up and add some more padding so that your glasses stay safe in transit.

When everything is secure, tape your box up – don’t try to transport fragile goods in open boxes. It never ends well.

Mark your boxes to protect fragile glassware

Label all your glassware boxes so that whoever is moving your goods knows they need special handling. This will also ensure that your glasses don’t get placed underneath a heavy item in the storage unit. And it will help you when you bring your glasses out of storage, too.

And for maximum peace of mind…

Contact Store and Insure to get an instant online quote for insuring your stored glassware. You can get cover for goods in a UK storage facility for just 57p a week per £1,000 sums insured.