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Is it time to change storage provider?

A couple moving items ready for storage.
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Are you with the right storage company?

As with many things in life, over time you can get a bit too comfortable in a self-storage situation that isn’t quite right for you. Every storage company has its own specialities, quirks and benefits, and if you are storing items for long periods any niggles can add up into a serious annoyance.

Is the monthly cost of storage right for you?

Niggles aren’t the only thing that add up. If you are overpaying – for example, you are paying for a larger unit than you need because you can’t seem to get round to switching to a smaller one – the monthly costs for storage add up over a year. So ask yourself how much you are paying to rent your storage. Overpaying by £12 a month for storage adds up to £144 a year, so with a little admin you can make good savings. This post will help you work out the size of storage unit you need. Many storage companies offer a variety of unit sizes, but if yours doesn’t, then it might be time to switch.

Another thing you can do to check how much you should be paying for storage is to get quotes from three different companies. Compare these quotes and check the service you’re getting in each case. You may be able to use lower quotes to negotiate with your storage company, or you can move your stuff!

One way of potentially reducing storage costs is to check that you are not being overcharged for insuring your stored goods. Some storage companies bundle insurance costs in with your storage bill. If you ask, they must tell you about these costs. You will need insurance for your stored goods – but you don’t have to accept the storage company’s own insurance offering. It’s worth shopping around and getting quotes from several self-storage insurers – including Store and Insure, while you’re here!

Is there a storage company with a more convenient location?

New storage companies, and branches of well-known storage chains, pop up like mushrooms, particularly in newly developed industrial estates. So perhaps there’s now a self-storage centre that is closer to your home or work. This is handy if you want to put things in or take things out of your storage unit. After all, what’s the point of owning goods you never use?

Does the site of your self-storage company feel secure?

Neighbourhoods change over time, and if you no longer feel comfortable visiting your storage unit, then consider moving. When the security levels are not right for you, you may be causing yourself anxiety and stress worrying about the contents of your storage unit. This goes double if you are now storing more valuable items than you were when you started. If this sounds familiar, check out some other storage companies. You might feel the benefit of enhanced security features like 24-hour staffing, or more CCTV cameras.

Do you need climate-controlled storage?

As time passes, you may find yourself storing more sensitive goods, from musical instruments to antique furniture. These do better in a storage space that has constant temperature and humidity. Not all storage companies offer controlled environments, however, so you may need to move your stored things if you need a steady temperature.

And of course wine storage is a whole other story. Some companies can offer specialist storage units for wine, so this is worth investigating if you want to keep bottles of wine to drink some years down the line.

Over time our needs change. Don’t stick with a storage company that is a bad fit just because it seems easier. Take a bit of time to think over what you really need in terms of facilities and location. Then look for storage companies that meet your needs and get some quotes.

Don’t forget to update your insurance when you change storage location – we’re just a phone call or an email away.