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Ways to sell stuff using social media

Ways to sell stuff using social media
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Declutter your home by selling on social media

Getting rid of unwanted domestic goods on social media marketplaces can help you raise some funds while you declutter. Here are some top tips to make the process simple.

What items sell via social media?

The best way to see what’s good to sell on social media is to sign up for some local selling sites and see what other people are offering. Watch out for items that go quickly, and that generate a lot of comments.

Just as important is watching for items that don’t sell. So keep an eye out for things that are frequently offered for free on other local sites like Freecycle: you’re unlikely to attract buyers if there are lots of similar items listed at no cost.

Most social media selling groups have some rules about what you can and cannot sell – take a look at these before deciding to sell. Often, the rules prohibit the sale of pets, alcohol and illegal items.

Antiques and collectibles are better kept off general social media selling sites. The majority of users will not know what they are looking at and are unlikely to appreciate the value. It’s better to use specialist sites for these. The same probably goes for musical instruments and kit used in hobbies like cycling, fishing and photography, unless what you are selling is good for beginners.

The right time for selling on social media

Seasonal items will go quickly in the run-up to the time of year when they are in use, but will be slow to sell at other times. So, for example, September and October is a good time to sell Halloween decorations; January is not. Consider putting seasonal items into storage and selling them at a better time of year to maximise your takings. But you may wish to cost up self-storage to ensure you don’t spend all your profits before you’ve made them. We’ve got a post to help you work out the cost of self-storage.

When you come to sell a large item that will need dismantling to move – such as a bunkbed – list it in the latter part of the working week. People will have more time to inspect and collect over the weekend. It’s even better if it’s a bank holiday!

The best pictures for selling on social media

While good pictures will draw positive attention to the item you’re selling, you don’t need a top quality camera or even top quality photography skills to take pictures good enough for selling on social media. Phone pictures are fine, and you can quickly learn how to pose and shoot your items to their best advantage. We have a quick guide to taking pics to use on for-sale ads which may be of use.

Take pics of any damage to your item, and you could include images of things like instruction booklets, labels and packaging.

Writing a for-sale ad for domestic goods

Many social selling sites have a template that you can use to help you write your ad. But if not, then try to summarise what you’re offering for sale in a single phrase. An adjective describing the condition can help, too – for example, as new or for upcycling.

In the body text, give more detail. Think what questions you would ask if you were looking for that item. Things like model numbers, dimensions, sizes and colours are all helpful. Another important detail is how you are going to transfer the item. Is it pick-up only or would you prefer to deliver it? Are you only taking cash-in-hand, or are you okay with a bank transfer?

If appropriate invite people to view your item before buying. Be honest about the condition, and about any defects as this will save a lot of bother later.

Share your listing to get more interest

The best marketplace sites allow you to post your item on multiple sites; but you can also share your listing on your own social media profile, too, to get more eyes on it. Selling to someone you know may make the logistics easier as well.

Can I keep domestic items that I intend to sell in my self-storage unit?

Your self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep items that you are planning to sell. Storing domestic items in a garage, attic or outbuilding where they are susceptible to extreme changes in temperature and humidity, can cause them to deteriorate which will make them harder to sell. You can insure stored goods you are planning to sell at a later date with Store and Insure. Get a quick quote to see if you can save money on your self-storage insurance.