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Winter items to store now

Winter items to store now
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Make self-storage part of your spring cleaning routine

Now the year is turning it’s time to move all your winter gear out of your living space and into storage. Here are seven classes of household goods that you can put into storage when you spring clean.

1.       Snow gear for your car

You never quite know with British weather, but by mid March we are probably out of the snow zone. So now is a good time to pack up your car’s snow socks and any gear you carry for snow emergencies like shovels, blankets and that bag of grit.

2.       Winter sports gear

Once the ski season is over, it’s time to put your skis away into storage. We’ve posted before about the best way to store skis and snow wear. And of course many other sports have gear specific to colder weather that doesn’t need to be cluttering up your home in the summer months.

3.       Heavy winter clothing

Clothing that is not in use is best stored in climate-controlled setting, such as your storage unit. Coats are best folded into big plastic boxes, not packed too tightly. Most woollens can be put in plastic boxes, too, or in canvas garment bags. It’s best not to hang knitwear while in storage because it can cause it to lose its shape. Delicate or precious items can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and kept in canvas storage bags.

And as always when you store clothing, make sure it’s all clean and completely dry before you store it.

4.       Winter footwear

Packing away winter shoes and boots will free up valuable wardrobe space at home and keep your hall and entryway clutter-free. Shoes and boots not being worn will do better in a climate-controlled environment that is protected from pests and damp.

Make sure your footwear is clean and dry before you store it. Give leather footwear a polish so that it’s in tip-top condition. These instructions from Loake shoemakers cover most types of leather.

Stuff shoes with a bit of tissue paper and get some boot trees for tall boots. This helps your footwear to keep their shapes when not being worn. And boot trees stop boots getting slouchy and creased so they look good for another season.

5.       Winter bedding

Bulky winter duvets and mattress toppers are ideal candidates for storage if you are looking to free up some space at home. Get them cleaned before you store them, or give them an airing outside if the weather allows. This is the best way to prevent musty smells. You can pack them in dedicated duvet storage bags – or you can just use an old duvet cover, or even a large cushion cover to save space. Some people swear by vacuum bags, but others say that vacuum packing can leave your duvet a bit flat.

I’m also packing up some of the throws and blankets that we use for snuggling up in winter.

6.       Winter home décor

I put our Christmas decorations into storage at the start of January, but I’ve found several baubles lurking since then – I’m not perfect by any means! I’m taking this opportunity to put them into storage. And my daughter has been crafting snowflake-themed knick-knacks and ornaments while the weather was cold. Very stylish, but now I’d prefer to admire something a bit more spring like, so we’ll be boxing them up.

I’ve also got my eye on our thick winter curtains: it’ll soon be time to take those down, but March is so unpredictable that perhaps I’ll leave them for a few weeks.

7.       Kitchen utensils

I’ve done a sweep of the kitchen, too. I was looking in the back of the cupboard and found the set of cups we use only for mulled wine. I think I’ll store those until November, and also a couple of large casserole pots that are only ever used for winter soups and stews.

Are my seasonal household goods covered by my contents insurance while they are in storage?

If you are wondering whether your household contents insurance covers items in your storage unit, the answer is ‘probably not’. You should check the specific terms, however. Store and Insure offers competitive cover for your household goods while they are in storage and in transit between your home and the storage facility. Get in touch today for a quote.