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Five ways to make your decorations pop

Five ways to make your decorations pop
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Ideas for Christmas decorations that are very 2020

We’ve spotted a few Christmas decorating trends that we think are going to be big in 2020. Here are some ideas to make this very strange Christmas in a very tough year just a little brighter and merrier.

1.       Bring the outside in for a fresh, green Christmas

This is the year that many of us have discovered the pleasure of spending time in nature, and it seems natural that we’d want to make it part of our celebrations this December.

Boughs of holly and ivy, bay, cupressus and other greenery are traditional at Christmas, symbolising hope for new life and new beginnings even in the darkest part of winter. The glossy leaves of holly and ivy look amazing combined with baubles and tiny lights to introduce a bit of sparkle. And look out for nature-inspired decs shaped like mushrooms and pinecones to complete the look.

Evergreens are tough and will last well even if they are not stood in water. Larger branches tend to last longer than small branches. To keep your evergreen decorations looking great, decorate late and turn the heating down low. And be ready to swap out any sprigs that start to droop.

2.       The most stylish colour for Christmas 2020

According to the wise folks at Pantone, the organisation that provides colour standards, the 2020 colour of the year is Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue. To be bang on trend go for a Christmas colour palette based on this elegant hue, which Pantone tells us, ‘highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.’ Pantone suggests several palettes, one of which, Untraditional, introduces shiny Water Nymph green and sparkly Space Cherry – what could be better for Christmas?

3.       Cosy nostalgic look for Christmas

Our celebrations are going to be smaller this year, so why not make yourself comfortable with a bright, cosy look. Treat yourself and your home to some blankets in rich Christmas colours – perhaps co-ordinating with your brand new pyjamas if you need your style fix. Bright painted wooden decorations and candy canes work well with this look, and perhaps even some of the handicrafts from school and nursery that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw away – but also you can’t quite bring yourself to display during a normal year. Groups of similar items look striking, and groupings of commercial and handmade decs can help the eye make sense of children’s crafts that have a more… abstract look. So for example, display all your Santas together in one place.

4.       Go tiny for a festive fantasy

Whether it’s a few laser-cut birchwood houses or a full-on ceramic village, a Christmas scene is fun to collect and build each year. Think laterally and introduce toys as well as items that are intended as Christmas decs. You could even paint your own wooden dolls to resemble friends and family – or commission a set from Etsy or Folksy. For some, introducing pandemic details, like masks and social distancing that are unique (we sincerely hope) to Christmas 2020 might relieve tension – but you might prefer to build an idealised scene into which you can escape, just for a while.

5.       Declutter to make room for Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations stand out in a clear, tidy space. If your aesthetic tends towards the busy, consider putting some of your knick-knacks and treasures into storage for the Christmas period. You’ll also find it easier to decorate without worrying about damaging fragile items. We’ve shared some ideas for tidying up ahead of Christmas in one of our blogposts. Most storage companies will let you rent for a short period and you can take a space as small as a locker if that’s all you need. Costs of storage vary, but we’ve got some tips on costing up storage in this blogpost. And remember that when it comes to insuring your stored goods, Store and Insure will only charge for the time your domestic items are in storage. So contact us for a quote today.

We hope you find some inspiration in our festive decorating ideas, and that they bring a little joy into your home this Christmas.