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Save cash on your monthly self-storage bill

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Cut the costs of self-storage

As the cost of living rises many of us are looking for ways to reduce household outgoings. Here are few hacks you can apply to your storage to reduce your monthly costs and get more out of the space you are renting. This will also help if you need to reduce your monthly storage bills and even raise a bit of cash in a hurry.

Declutter so you can have a smaller unit

Reducing the volume of your stored domestic goods is an obvious way to reduce your outgoings. If you’re storing less stuff, you can use a smaller, cheaper unit. Decluttering can be done in stages, but it’s a good idea to give yourself a deadline as this will motivate you to get the job done before the next bill goes out.

Start by getting rid of anything that no longer has value to you or anyone else. It’s really common to use a storage unit to stash things when you are not sure what to do with them. But often after a couple of years, the decision to take them to the recycling centre or tip is much easier.

The next category of stored goods to get rid of is items that you can sell or donate. Take a look at our post about commonly stored saleable items. If you’re canny about where and what you sell, you can make a bit of money from your unwanted domestic goods. Check Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert for advice on selling on eBay.

Pack smart to reduce storage costs

With careful packing, you can get more items into a smaller storage space. It makes sense to use the space inside a stored fridge or chest of drawers to pack other goods. You can also stack smaller things on top of heavier items – as long as you know you won’t want to access the bigger item in a hurry.

Once you’ve cleared goods you no longer want from your storage unit and rationalised the space, you can move to smaller, cheaper, unit.

Shop around for different storage companies

Now you know how much storage space you need, take the time to get quotes from a few other local storage companies. You’re not necessarily looking to move your things, but it’s worth knowing what options there are out there when it comes to storing your domestic goods.

Ask your storage company for a better deal

Loyalty is not always rewarded in the modern world, but if you want a better deal from your storage company, just ask. This works best if you are low-hassle, model customer, of course, and it really helps if you’re armed with quotes from some other local storage companies.

Pay up front for a better deal on self-storage

This post promises to reduce your monthly self-storage bill – but what about reducing your yearly self-storage bill? Some storage companies will give you a better deal if you pay for a full year’s storage, or even a shorter period like six months or three months. If they don’t offer that, ask if it’s possible to come to an arrangement.

This tip works best if you are storing for the longer term, and you will need to have the money to pay for a year’s storage in one go. But again, your quotes from other local storage companies may be useful as leverage here.

Check you are not overpaying for self-storage insurance

Where is your self-storage insurance coming from? Self-storage insurance is compulsory at most reputable storage companies. Some of them just add it to your bill each month – but you don’t have to take the insurance policy they’re offering you. There are lots of options when it comes to insuring your stored goods. Make sure you get a few quotes from specialist self-storage insurers, including Store and Insure.


Question and Answer


Are items temporarily in my storage unit covered by my self-store insurance?

If you put items temporarily in your storage unit, they will still be covered by your insurance. You should let us know if the contents of your storage unit goes up in value, though.


Can I store items for a boot fair in my storage unit?

We will insure all stored domestic goods, and that includes clothing, brick-a-brack, crockery, ornaments, toys and whatever else you are saving for a boot fair.