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How clean are your screens?

Woman holding a toddler as she cleans a TV screen with a microfibre cloth.
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Don’t let grime, dust, smears and fingerprints ruin your screens

Screens are a huge part of our lives these days, and inevitably they’ll get smeary. But do you know the best way to keep them clean?

There are some hard-and-fast rules that apply to all screens.

  • Turn off the screen first. Unplug it, too, or you risk electrocution.
  • Wait five minutes for your screen to cool. Your cleaning product will evaporate too quickly off a warm screen. It’s also easier to clean an all-black background.
  • Microfibre cloths only. Avoid tissues and paper towels. They can leave scratches on the screen.
  • Try dry first. If you can clean your screen with a dry cloth, there’s no need to do anything else.
  • Don’t use tap water to clean a screen: it may contain minerals which will leave a residue or chlorine.
  • Don’t use household cleaners on a screen , especially those that contain alcohol or ammonia or chlorine. These can discolour the screen by reacting with its coating.
  • Spray the cloth, not the screen. If you spray on to the screen the product may drip inside the device and wreak untold havoc with its electrics.
  • Use as little product as possible to clean a screen. You don’t need much – just a spray or two.
How to clean a laptop screen

Most laptops have LCD screens. Start by wiping gently with a dry cloth. If that doesn’t do the job, use an LCD screen cleaner. There are plenty on the market. You can make your own from distilled water and white vinegar, though. Keep wiping gently with your moistened cloth, but do not press hard as this can damage the screen.

How to clean a TV screen

If you’ve got an LCD screen, follow the instructions for the laptop screen.

We’ll include how to clean old style TV screens – cathode ray tube (CRT) screens – for the sake of completeness: perhaps you’re round your nana’s. You can clean these with a soft cloth and your usual household glass cleaner.

Touch screen

Touch screens need cleaning often, even if you are diligent about handwashing. Start with a dry cloth and try a variety of motions – across the screen, up and down or in circles. If this doesn’t clear the screen, try again with an LCD screen cleaner.

Bonus advice

Are you now wondering how to clean your microfibre cloths? The experts at Microfibre Wholesale say to use a mild detergent and no bleach and no fabric softeners. Microfibre dries quickly on the line, but you can tumble dry on a low heat, too.

Clean before you store

We always recommend giving your screens a clean before you put them into storage – that way they’ll be in top condition when you bring them out. And don’t forget insurance. If you are wondering whether your personal property is covered in a storage unit, it is not automatically insured, although insurance will probably be a condition of your agreement with the storage provider. Get a quote from Store and Insure: it’s quick and easy.