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Prepare for hot weather by bringing these items out of storage now

A family enjoys hot weather in the garden
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Get ready for outdoor living

Thankfully we are now enjoying the spring flowers and glorious blossoms, and soon summer will be upon us. That means it is time to prepare for a more outdoors type of life – especially as many Covid restrictions are still in place and we know it’s safer to meet outside.

Maybe you have packed away your garden furniture and your barbecue and perhaps some of these things are in self-storage. Don’t wait for the first hot day to get them out and dust them down – you don’t want to waste a moment of those lovely warm days.

Garden furniture

There are several types of furniture for your outdoor space, some more easy to maintain than others. If you have wooden furniture get it out now. It’s a good time to sand it down and treat it to a coat of paint or varnish if it needs that.

To find out about other types of garden furniture such as rattan, plastic and stainless steel see our previous blogpost about how to clean your garden furniture

Also, check your garden parasol. If you stored it in shed or garage, you can vacuum off the dust and cobwebs, clean it with detergent, warm water and a soft brush, then wash it off with your hose. But if it was stored in a climate-controlled storage unit, then it should be ready to go! Did your parasol take off into the wind at all last year? You might need a new base to weigh it down. Shops and online sites are all likely to run out of this sort of equipment very quickly, so buy anything you need early.


Fire pits and chimeneas have already been blazing around the country as families and friends meet each other in their gardens and attempt to keep warm. But now it’s time to wheel out the barbecue!

Even if you were organised enough to clean yours before putting it away for the winter, it will probably need another go – unless you have kept it in a storage facility, away from the elements. There are people who will come to your home and clean your barbecue for you. Get a free quote from companies like Ovenclean .

Paddling pools

Whatever size your paddling pool, you need to get it out now and check it for leaks. Many come with repair patches. There are various cleaning products on the market for paddling pools and inflatables, but you can also make your own solution of one part bleach to five parts water, or equal parts of vinegar and water. Make sure you wash it off with a high-pressure hose afterwards, though.

Life indoors

Sometimes it is just so hot that we need to stay indoors. Do you have enough fans around the house to keep the family cool on those blazing hot days? Again, be prepared as fans will be quick to fly off the shelves once a heatwave strikes.

It’s also time to start unpacking your summer clothes and shoes and pack your winter stuff away in plastic boxes in a dry, dark and cool place.

The storage option

Don’t forget to update your self-storage inventory and report any big changes to your self-storage insurance provider.

For those still cluttering their sheds and garage with out-of-season things, how much easier would life be if you could collect everything now from a clean, dry and safe storage facility – ready to put right back out in your garden? Most facilities will not check your credit rating and they are an efficient, hassle-free solution to keeping your seasonal equipment in good condition, year after year.