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Self Storage Insurance for any facility in the UK


​Store and Insure are one of the most competitive online storage insurance providers in the UK for household goods and personal effects, excluding motor cars.

We offer an instant online insurance quote, allowing you to arrange cover at any storage or self-storage facility in the UK from just 57p per week per £1,000 Sums Insured.

Our quote is inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and all fees and charges. There is no fee for using a credit or charge card.

Cover is 'New for Old' and is free of any policy excess if you store your goods with a company who is a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA) or The British Association of Removers (BAR) or an approved facility therefore offering you peace of mind if you ever need to claim on your storage insurance policy.

Our insurance policy covers your household goods and personal effects from your home, in transit and in your chosen self storage facility or unit, with no minimum time or premium.

The Policy protects your items from loss or damage caused by fire, flood, theft, insect or vermin damage, explosion, lightning, water damage and civil commotion.

Store and Insure are proud members of AISSIP (The Association of Independent Self Storage Insurance Providers).


Revealed: the self-storage insurance policy rip-off

by Sam Barker - The Sunday Telegraph - Money Section

Storage firms can charge up to seven times as much for insurance bought through them

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Comparative Costs


Our scheme is far more competitive than purchasing insurance directly from many of the self-storage providers who use the insurance as a revenue stream. For instance :-

i) 'Prices for insurance arranged via us start at just £ 1.55 per week per £ 1,000 of cover required.' (Safestore's website - 7th August 2020).

ii) 'The cost of insurance starts from £ 4.50 per week for £ 3,000 of cover' (Big Yellow's website - 8th August, 2020).

iii) 'Our minimum insurance covers your items for £ 2,000, even if the value is less. We can arrange this for you at a cost of £ 14.00 per month.' Access Self Storage's website - 8th August 2020).

Don't just take our word for it - ask you self storage provider and then compare it against our rate of £ 0.57 per week per £ 1,000 of cover .


Cover from Your Home


From the moment your belongings leave your home or property to your chosen self storage facility you can protect them with our easy, self storage insurance quotation system.


In Transit


We have teamed up with one of the leading UK insurers to provide extensive cover that not only protects your belongings/goods in the self storage facility but also in transit to and from your residence or destination property.


to your Storage Facility


Unlike other providers you only pay for the time your goods are on risk and in store. There are no minimum premiums or storage periods.