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Stylish décor for rented homes

Stylish décor for rented homes
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Rented accommodation doesn’t have to be drab and unimaginative: we’ve got some simple temporary ideas to help you make your rented property into your home

Trying to stamp your own style on a rented property can be a challenge. Often the terms of your tenancy prevent you from changing how rooms are furnished or decorated. You may need permission just to put up a new shelf or some blinds.

We Brits have always been especially proud of the place we call ‘home’, so it’s worth taking a bit of time to make yours somewhere you feel happy and content – and somewhere family and friends feel welcomed.

Time for a change

If you feel your rental property is a bit drab and doesn’t reflect your personality or could do with a fresh new look, check your tenancy agreement. Find out exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Even if something appears off limits, often you can negotiate with the landlord. After all, if your suggested improvements add value and attraction to their property, they might be foolish to dig their heels in. They might be especially happy if you are prepared to do the painting and decorating – and merely charge them for materials!

Money down the drain?

Of course, spending money on a rental property can be seen as a waste of cash. You are improving someone else’s nest egg, not feathering your own nest. Here are some simple ways of making your home your own without losing too much money – or knocking down walls!

  • A lick of paint: Personalise a room with your favourite colour, but be careful not to go too bright if you have to return it to white again before you leave!
  • Windows: Splash out on some good quality curtains you can take with you when you move on.
  • Kitchens: Painting the cabinets or changing the handles and knobs is a quick way to update one of your most-used rooms.
  • Furnishings: Buy a lavish rug to hide an ugly carpet or flooring, one which will brighten up your next home too. Cushions also disguise a multitude of fashion sins!
  • Lighting: It’s amazing what pretty lamps and modern light fittings can do to create a new look -- even changing light bulbs can make a big improvement.
  • Artwork: If you are not allowed to hang your favourite pictures, try leaning a big, striking painting against a wall or displaying it on an easel.
  • House plants: Pick something that makes a real statement and put it in a large, interesting pot or basket, but be careful it doesn’t mark the floor or furniture.
  • Outside space: Making a garden look pretty is often just a case of manual labour, so it’s not costing you much except maybe a bad back!

Go to the My Move website for 10 ways to update your home without major renovations.

Declutter furniture to improve your rented home

In some cases it might be possible to make ugly furniture less visible, by moving it to a less conspicuous spot or painting it an unobtrusive colour. In other cases it might be worth putting pieces that are not to your liking or items that don’t suit your current accommodation into storage. It doesn’t take long to cost up storage to see if this is an option for you: follow the advice in our blogpost.

Once you have found the ideal storage facility, don’t forget to get insurance. Store and Insure will give you an instant online quote.