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Storage basics for cyclists

Bicycles against a railing outside a house.
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With the rise of pedal power more people are using bikes. But what do you do with them when they’re not on the road?

Cycling has become increasingly popular, both as a sport and as a means of transport. The covid pandemic has led even more people to explore life on two wheels. According to Cyclist magazine, the pastime has increased by 100 percent on weekdays and 200 percent at weekends. And Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says it’s something to be encouraged – both for people’s health and for the environment.

Store your machine safely

A bicycle can be an expensive purchase, so you want to keep yours somewhere safe when you are not using it. But bikes are not easy things to store. They have pedals that stick out and catch you in the shins, and handlebars that are difficult to fit into a narrow space.

There are many different gadgets you can buy to keep your bike safely out of harm’s way: Hang it on the wall, hoist it to the ceiling – and even display it above your bed or workstation! explores everything from racks and hooks to trendy bike storage furniture in their list of 12 best bike storage systems for 2021 .

Most importantly remember to store your bike where it will not be damaged or cause injury to passers-by. At the very least, buy a stand, which keeps the back wheels secure and allows you to work safely on your bike too.

Keeping it in the garage with all your other tools is not necessarily a good idea. What if your garden fork falls on your bike and dents it, or you bash it with the lawn mower?

It is all together better to keep your prized possession in the shed, in a purpose-built bike cabinet, or in a self-storage unit. You might have more than one bike, or other members of the family might share your passion, so it’s good to have a place where you can store them all together.

Make sure your bike is clean before you put it away. Wipe and polish the frame, reflectors, handlebars and seat, then take a brush to the wheels and brakes. This stops rust and grime and means your bike is ready to go next time you want to use it. You can even get a washable sock to keep your bike in – perfect for keeping your car boot clean too!

Avoid bike theft

If you do opt for a shed or outdoor cabinet, keep your bikes under lock and key. Don’t forget to have them security marked. You can register them with the BikeRegister database, which is used by every police force in the UK to identify stolen bikes. Just go on the website where you can buy a security marking kit and then register your machine with its own unique reference.

Of course, probably the safest place to keep your bike is in a self-storage unit. Store and Insure includes a directory of storage facilities in the UK , with website links and contact details, so you can find out how much it is to rent a storage unit.