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Make the most of your space

Make the most of your space
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How can self-storage help you if you’re staying put?

Recent news stories about changing housing trends – including a reduction in the number of home moves people undertake – suggest a shift in our domestic arrangements as a nation.

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful life events, right up there with divorce and death of a spouse, so the decision to stay put is not unreasonable. Some stayers have been put off moving by a lack of choice in the housing market; or they are tied to a location by their job, their children’s schooling or by caring responsibilities.

The decision to stay put instead of moving is rarely taken lightly – but once the decision has been made, you could find some extra storage space helpful.

Buy more space

A desire to move may be prompted by lack of space brought on by an accumulation of possessions. However, it is possible to avoid the roller coaster ride that is property-buying, not to mention all the expense. Consider whether it makes more sense to pay for a storage unit for out-of-season items or anything that you only use occasionally such as seasonal decorations, personal archives, collections and media. It is worth storing anything you cannot see yourself using within the next three months.

Ring the changes

People fall out of love with their homes for all sorts of reasons – and if you’ve just had a home-buying disappointment it can be really difficult to enjoy your home as you once did. If your disappointment has made you decide to stay put in your old house, it is worth making the effort to find the love again. You might adjust the layout by moving furniture around, or you could change the look by displaying different pictures and ornaments. New curtains and loose covers can completely change a living room. Manufacturers will often try to sell you a second set, and this not only allows for cleaning but also gives you the opportunity to get a different look when the season changes. And of course, you can put whatever you are not currently using into storage.

Protect your goods during building work

If you are extending in order to avoid moving then consider putting some of your household goods into storage. They will be out of the way during the building work, and they will be safe in a climate-controlled unit, protected from dust and less likely to suffer accidental damage. Books, pictures and textiles are the most obvious candidates for storage during building work as they are easily packed up and moved – but don’t forget you can store larger furniture too, such as dining room tables, beds and sofas. Many storage companies will put you in touch with a ‘man and van’ service if you ask.

If you have recently decided to stay put in your old home rather than trading up or downsizing, look at making self-storage part of your strategy – and don’t forget to insure your stored possessions for complete peace of mind.