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Six easy-to-keep resolutions that will improve your life

Small habit changes can have a huge impact on your happiness


Storing Christmas wrapping paper

Make gift wrapping a pleasure with these organisation tips


Keep your family healthy this Christmas

Don’t let the Christmas season de-rail your healthy habits


Is your home Christmas ready?

Make the most of your house this festive season


Christmas classic books to bring out of storage right now

Add a night of cosy reading to your festive traditions

A child rejects a Christmas gift

How to hide Christmas presents

Keep your surprises for the big day with our Christmas gift concealment guide


How to put a grandfather clock into storage

What’s the best way to store an antique longcase clock?

A wintery scene with snowed-up roads and houses.

Moving house in wintertime

What to expect when you move house during winter

A woman locks her storage unit.

Does the storage company have any liability if my items are damaged?

Whose fault is it if your stored domestic goods are stolen or broken?


Storing rugs and carpets

How to safely keep your rugs and carpets in storage

Small cactuses decorate a home.

Tips for small space living

Get comfortable with downsized living

A bed made up with bedding, duvet and pillow.

What’s the best way to vacuum pack bedding?

Save space when packing duvets, pillows and bedding sets

Bicycles against a railing outside a house.

Storage basics for cyclists

With the rise of pedal power more people are using bikes. But what do you do with them when they’re not on the road?


Tips for safely storing musical instruments

The best ways to keep your instruments in top condition in storage

Stored goods organised attractively using boxes and rails

Should you install shelving in your storage unit?

Adding shelves, racks and rails to your storage unit


How do I clear out my storage unit?

Time to move on from your storage unit? Follow our tips for a smooth transition


Back to school organising

Declutter for a happy start to the new school year


The best boxes for storing domestic goods

Pick the right containers for your storage unit


Storing costume jewellery

Make the most of your fashion jewellery by storing it to its best advantage

A bridal couple holding hands.

Is your wedding dress safe in storage?

How to store your wedding gown

A couple moving items ready for storage.

Is it time to change storage provider?

Are you with the right storage company?

Woman removes battery from a smartphone before putting it in storage

Can you put batteries in a storage unit?

Should you remove the batteries before you store an electrical item?


Checklist for putting domestic goods into store

Get on top of your storage game with our handy step-by-step for adding items to your storage unit

Generic toiletries.

How long can you store toiletries for?

Are your toiletries still safe to use?

A piano going into storage

These precious items need climate-controlled storage

Is it worth paying extra for a temperature-controlled storage unit?

A man bringing a box out of his storage unit to inspect it

How often should I inspect my stored goods?

Visiting your stored goods sounds like a chore – but depending on your circumstances it may be worth your time.

A couple checking their boxed goods

How do I work out the value of my stored goods?

How much are your stored domestic goods worth for insurance purposes?

A person saving money by dropping coins into a glass jar

5 ways to reduce your storage bill

How to keep your storage costs down

Flatpack shelving

How do I disassemble flatpack furniture?

Is it possible to take flatpack furniture apart for storage?

A lady thinking about changing her self-storage insurer.

How do I change my self-storage insurance provider?

Can you get better value from a different self-storage insurance provider?

A family cleaning

Keep your storage unit clean and organised

Simple ways to keep your storage unit spotless


How secure is your storage unit?

Tips to make sure your possessions are safe in storage

A book shelf with plenty of space in it

Save space by scanning books

Free up space on your bookshelves by going digital

A couple recording items in their storage unit

Creating a self-storage inventory

Once simple hack that will take your self-storage to the next level

A selection of spiny and furry cactus plants in a domestic setting.

Caring for cacti in your home

Do you know how to help your cactus thrive?

NewsArticle clever-dishwasher-hacks

Clever dishwasher hacks

A dishwasher is not just for crockery!

A despondent person (legs only) viewing a cluttered domestic space.

Four easy wins for spring cleaning in 2021

Can’t face a full spring clean? Here are four quick domestic jobs to do now

A man taking a flatscreen TV.

Protect against theft on moving day

If theft is a worry during your move, we have some steps you can take

A couple lifting an armchair during a house move.

Protect yourself from moving scams

Are you worried about fraud during your move?

Staff from a cleaning firm at work in a home

Organise your home routines to beat allergies

Simple household chores that will help you manage your allergy symptoms

A man and a woman discussing whether to paint a wall blue or green

Redecorate a room in 10 easy steps

It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do to make a room look clean, bright and more modern

A mother and daughter draw a heart in the condensation on a windowpane

Four ways to bring romance into your home

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and lockdown putting a stop to many of our normal celebrations, it’s time to get creative.


Stylish décor for rented homes

Rented accommodation doesn’t have to be drab and unimaginative: we’ve got some simple temporary ideas to help you make your rented property into your home

Cold woman in a poorly insulated home

Draught proof your home

Quick tips to save money on your heating bills and make your home more comfortable


Special dates to look out for this winter

Boost your morale by marking some of these dates in January and February


Pantone’s controversial colour of 2021

Is Pantone’s 2021 colour of the year uplifting or dull?