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Is your home Christmas ready?

Is your home Christmas ready?
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Make the most of your house this festive season

The festive season is now well underway, with calendars filling up with events, from ice skating to carol concerts to markets to pantomimes to the works Christmas do. And in among all this, you need to prepare for visiting family and friends. But take a little time to get your house in order, so you can give the best welcome to your loved ones who are coming home for Christmas.

Declutter to make room for Christmas

Decluttering will bring you many rewards at this time of year. It clears space for gifts and for guests. It makes cleaning your home much easier.

And a good clear-out will help you to identify tired and worn-out items that need replacing or repairing. Then you’ll have a ready answer when anyone asks you what you want for Christmas.

Decluttering does not necessarily mean taking a carload to a donation or recycling centre. It could mean storing large items, for example exercise equipment, that you won’t use during the festive season. A self-storage unit can be hired for a short period at a fairly low cost. If you’re wondering how much it will cost to get a storage unit for a few days or weeks, our post will help. Don’t forget insurance, too. With Store and Insure, you can insure your stored goods by the day, so you won’t pay more than you must. Get a quick quote to see how much it costs to protect your goods in storage.

Protecting your family from covid-19

This Christmas we will all be taking the pandemic into our planning. Think about what makes you feel safe as a family. The government recommends meeting outside, or using a well-ventilated space indoors. Even ten minutes of open window time every hour or so makes all the difference.

Check that your windows open and that your extractor fans are working. Also think about keeping your guests warm. For example, you could have lots of blankets ready, or warn everyone to layer up. And adjust the layout of your room so you can ventilate it without anyone sitting in a draught.

Personal space has become a bigger issue since the pandemic. Some people are more comfortable if they have a bit more space, and a good host will take this into account.

You might want to take tests before your visitors arrive, so order these in plenty of time.

Make room for Christmas food

There’s nothing more wonderful than a full fridge at Christmas. But make sure you’ve got enough space to keep your food chilled or frozen as needed. This might mean eating a few meals of leftovers in the week before your big Christmas shop to free up space in the fridge or freezer. Now would be a good time to check the dates on food in your pantry, too.

If the weather is very cold, you could keep your veggies in an unheated shed or garage. But don’t rely on the atmosphere to keep your turkey frozen!

Manage waste at Christmas

Christmas refuse collections can be a bit random, and that’s hard because you often end up with lots of extra packaging at this time of year. If you know in advance when to put your bins and your recycling out – rather than waiting to see what your neighbours do – it makes life a lot easier. But be prepared to store a bit more waste than usual. Perhaps make space in the shed or garage so that you are not tripping over rubbish in your living space.

A few simple actions ahead of the festive period can make your Christmas much smoother!