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Storing rugs and carpets

Storing rugs and carpets
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How to safely keep your rugs and carpets in storage

We use carpets and rugs in our homes for comfort and for beautiful design. However, if not stored correctly, carpets and rugs can lose both of those qualities due to damage. Moths love to feed on floor coverings made from natural fibres. They can easily crease and their colours can fade. If you want to store your rugs and carpets safely, take a look at our tips…

1.       Give floor coverings a deep clean

Before putting them into storage, clean your rugs and carpets thoroughly. This will prevent them from attracting pests and avoid nasty odours. Most carpets will need vacuuming first before you use any cleaning products. However, this will all depend on the material of your rug or carpet. Dunelm have created a handy guide to deep-cleaning rugs and carpets made of different materials , so check what they suggest before you start cleaning.

2.       Use insect and moth repellent to protect floor coverings

Moths and bugs are attracted to carpets and rugs, so make sure to use some repellent that is specifically for fabric to prevent damage. If you don’t want to use a spray or product on your carpet or rug, you could place moth traps or balls around your storage unit instead.

3.       Roll rugs when you store them

The best way to use up space effectively in your storage unit is to roll your rugs and carpets into a cylinder. This is better than folding or stacking them as it will prevent them from creasing. Roll your carpet or rug with the fabric facing inwards, and the bottom facing outwards. This will give the best protection to your rug.

Once you have rolled the carpet or rug, wrap it up in a cotton sheet to keep out dirt, dust and bugs. You could use an old duvet cover as a bag for a stored floor covering.

4.       Check stored carpets every few months

Make sure you check the items in your storage unit every few months to assess their condition. If you need more convincing, read our article on how often you should inspect your stored goods where we explain the benefits of checking your items regularly.

5.       Protect your rugs and carpets with insurance

It’s important to insure your stuff in storage to protect it against various forms of damage and theft. You may be thinking, do self-storage units have insurance? Many of them do, but not always. You will need to check your provider’s policy to know for sure. If they do not include insurance in their policy, you can outsource insurance from another company. And even if they do include it, you are not obliged to take your storage company’s offering. At Store and Insure, we can insure your goods at a daily rate with no minimum period so you only pay for what you need. If you like the sound of that, get a quote from us today!

No more sweeping under the carpet

By taking these steps to store your rugs and carpets correctly, you can avoid problems later down the line which cannot be swept under the carpet. When you decide to take them out of storage, they’ll be in the perfect condition for your home.