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Keep your storage unit clean and organised

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Simple ways to keep your storage unit spotless

Cleaning your storage unit is the best way to keep your stuff in the best condition. If your unit is left unattended for a long amount of time, the belongings you have stored may deteriorate. Keep your unit clean and organised with these tips…

1.       Clean your stuff before storing

Before putting your things into storage, clean every item to avoid bringing dust into your unit. Take this opportunity to double check its condition, too. Remember that if your items get damaged by mould or pests that you bring into the unit, your insurance won’t provide cover.

If your stuff is already in storage, take the time to go through it all and check what needs cleaning. Different objects and materials will require different cleaning methods so do some research before you get the rubber gloves out.

2.       Store your items in sealed containers

If they can fit, put your belongings into clear plastic containers which are more durable and protective than cardboard. This will work for things like books, clothes and smaller items that may be lost easily if left unpacked. If you need more tips, this video contains useful advice on how to organise your belongings in storage.

Not only does storing your things in plastic boxes prevent dust, mould and pests from getting in, it also prevents leaks and liquids from getting out and ruining other things in your unit.

3.       Don’t store perishables

Food, drink and plant material are not allowed in your storage unit under the terms of your agreement with your storage company. It’s because they can cause a huge problem with pests. Anything from your kitchen cupboard, fridge or freezer should not be going into your storage unit. And it’s important to clean and dry kitchen appliances thoroughly before you store them.

4.       Keep an inventory

Once you have cleaned everything for your storage unit, create an inventory to keep track of all of your items, their condition and where they are stored. We have a post on Creating a self storage inventory to get you started. An inventory is the best way to organise your unit and to find what you need easily. It also helps you to keep track of your insurance needs.

5.       Inspect your unit regularly

Make sure to visit your unit every few months to avoid problems. A year is too long a time to leave your unit unattended and problems, such as mould spreading, may be harder to fix. Regular visits mean that you can resolve anything quickly before it gets too out of hand.

6.       Protect your stuff with insurance

If, in the unfortunate event, your belongings are damaged, speak to your insurer. Contents insurance will cover most items in your house such as electrical appliances, clothes, furniture – pretty much anything you would move house with! Your contents insurance may cover your stuff in storage but not always. If not, Store and Insure can protect your belongings in storage by the day so you only pay for the time you need – get a quote from us today!

Tidy unit, tidy mind

Making sure your things are kept safe by organising and cleaning your unit, means there is one less thing in life to worry about.