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How much does storage cost?

How much does storage cost?
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What will storing my stuff cost?

I wish I could give you a nice simple figure for your monthly storage costs, but unfortunately storage cost calculations are complex and vary by storage company. Even price comparison tables are tricky to navigate because each company has its own unit size, time descriptions and terms.

So how much is it to rent a storage unit?

Titan Storage has a helpful price comparison table, which is a good starting point. But you really do need to get tailored quotations. The best thing you can do when costing up self-storage is to work out roughly how much space you need and how long you want it for. Then call up three storage companies that you like the look of and ask them for a quote.

How much self-storage space do I need?

You can work out the cubic footage you need by gathering your stuff into one place and thinking what it would fit into. Are we talking a car boot? A small shed? A shipping container?

  • The contents of a car or small van will fit into roughly 255 cubic feet (7.25 cubic metres).
  • The contents of a transit van (large enough to move a one-bedroomed flat) will go into a space measuring 600 cubic feet (17 cubic metres).
  • The contents of a removal van (large enough to move a three-bedroomed house) will go into 1,280 cubic feet (36 cubic metres).

Once you know how much space you need you will be able to ask how much is self-storage per month.

How long will I store for?

Have a think about how long you want to store your stuff. Are we talking days or months or would you like this to be an on-going arrangement?

Getting quotations

As mentioned above, every storage company has its own system of unit sizes, and you may need to push a bit to get the information you need to make a good comparison. Make sure you ask all your selected companies for a monthly price for storage and a price per week so you can easily compare prices without having to calculate. This is best done over the phone (sorry, introverts), or you could even drop in and talk to the person on reception.

And don’t forget to ask about special offers, which could drive the price down.

Other considerations

Every storage company has different benefits. Some offer free van hire. Others will  move your stuff in and out for you. If you will be moving stuff in and out regularly, or visiting frequently to enjoy your collection make sure that the location is right for you. And think about whether you want 24-hour access.

We recommend scoping out the facilities before you commit. It goes without saying that you want the best possible climate conditions for your items, particularly if you are storing precious heirlooms or a collection.

Look at the security on the site and make sure it is at a level that is right for you. Some companies offer swipe-card access, or ask for ID, for example.

…and what about self-storage insurance?

Not all storage units are automatically insured. Storage insurance is great for complete peace of mind, particularly given recent events in South Croydon. Many storage companies will offer you their own insurance, but their prices may not be competitive and their terms might not suit you. Make a note of what they offer you and then use our web form to get a quote from Store and Insure .