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Have you got a treasure trove in storage?

Have you got a treasure trove in storage?
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What saleable items are you storing?

A common reason to hang on to an item is because you know it’s valuable. But the question you’ve got to ask yourself is, is it valuable to me? If you’re not using it, and you don’t really like it, then you might be better off converting your stuff into cash (which is, let’s face it, valuable to everyone) by selling it on.

Not only do you get a nice handful of readies, but you give someone else the pleasure of a possession they will really enjoy.


Collections are no fun once you stop working on them. But if you took pleasure in organising and acquiring your collection, you can be sure that someone else will too. And that they will be willing to pay for it! To sell a collection, check local interest communities, both online and real-world.


Tastes change, and you may find yourself lumbered with furniture and household items that were prized by your grandparents but don’t fit in with your lifestyle. You don’t have to keep things just because they were handed down to you. Self-storage can be a good solution for a family heirloom, particularly if you know there would be repercussions if you got rid of it. But there are better ways to remember your loved ones than hanging on to their stuff. To sell antiques, it’s best to approach a reputable dealer. You will often (but not always ) get a better price from a dealer than from selling on an auction site or through a small advert, even taking into account their cut.


Turn to sites like Music Magpie and Ziffit to get rid of your CDs – although see our article on that subject to learn why it may be worth keeping hold of your music. Local collectors are often interested in vinyl, or you could find a dealer at a record fair.

Boot fair items

Boot fairs are a great way to shift items that might be hard to sell through auction sites. And you may be surprised by what goes! We were very surprised to hear from the experts that half-full bottles of perfume do well at boot sales. Other cosmetics only sell well at bootsales if they are unused. Small electrical items are good boot fair stock – and you’ll get more for them if you can show that they are working. Baby clothes and equipment are another good seller at boot fairs. Make sure they are clean and free from stains, though.

How do I check the selling price of my items?

Research is the answer. Look anywhere that sells items like yours, and take into account the condition, too. Check auction sites like Ebay – but watch what the items actually sell for. Sometimes you see collectibles and antiques offered for large sums of money. But the offered price is irrelevant. The important figure is the price it sells for. And check real-world shops and markets for items similar to yours.

Know what you’ve got

It makes sense to keep a good inventory of what you’ve got in storage, so you know what to pull out if you need some cash! And it makes sense to insure your items for the right value, too. Contact Store and Insure today for a quote.