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Self-storage for renovators

Tools used for renovating a period home
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Use self-storage for a less stressful renovation

There is so much satisfaction to be had in renovating a property to live in or as an investment. If you are living in the space you are renovating though, there may be times in the project when you wonder why you even began. Self-storage can’t help if your tiles are stuck in the Suez Canal and your builder keeps knocking off at 3pm; but it can free up some space in your property and give you some peace of mind where your more valuable possessions are concerned.

Store furniture outside the home to avoid damage during building work

Building work has a way of impacting every part of the home, whether it’s noise, dust, vibration or clutter from other parts of the house. So while you are doing renovation work, consider putting precious or sentimental items into storage. With a self-storage room you can access your stored goods whenever you like, but they will be out of harm’s way while the work is going on.

You can rent a self-storage unit for as long as you like – even a few days if that’s all you need. And when you insure your stored goods with Store and Insure, you can insure by the day, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Can white goods go into storage?

You can put kitchen appliances into storage, as long as they are clean, dry and unplugged. It is unlikely that you will be allowed by your storage company to keep a fridge or freezer running in your storage unit. If you’re replacing all your white goods, consider whether it’s worth storing them when you could sell or recycle them right now.

You can store brand-new appliances in your unit while you wait for your kitchen to be renovated. Buying appliances early and storing them will let you shop around for the perfect fridge or cooker, rather than rushing to buy last-minute, particularly if supply chains and delivery issues are likely to disrupt your plans. You may even snag a bargain that will absorb the cost of storage.

Self-storage is not particularly costly, but the prices do vary around the country. The best way to cost it up is to work out roughly what space the goods you want to store would fit into and then use that information to get a few quotes from local companies. We’ve got a blogpost that will help you to work out how space you need for what you want to store.

Can I store antique furniture in a self-storage centre?

Climate-controlled storage is an excellent option for antique furniture. It ensures that the piece is kept at a constant temperature and humidity, which might not be possible if your house is partially open to the elements during building work and renovations.

Self-storage is more secure than home storage during building work

Houses in the middle of a remodel may not be particularly secure. For example, you will have tradesmen and delivery drivers going in and out; and you may spend some time with holes where your doors and windows should be. By putting your domestic goods into storage, you are protecting them from theft.

Self-storage can give you space in your home, and breathing space on your renovation timeline: what’s not to like?


Question and Answer


I only want to insure my goods for a few days. Is this allowed ?

Yes, unlike our competitors we only charge a daily rate for the actual period of time your goods are in store with NO minimum premiums or minimum period of time