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Personal safety at your storage unit

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Staying safe while moving goods in and out of your storage unit

In these times of unrest and turmoil, it’s unfortunately increasingly common to feel unsafe in a public place. Self-storage sites, particularly if there is 24-hour access, can be quite isolated places, particularly if you visit outside normal working hours. Although unpleasant incidents at self-storage units are rare, it may be reassuring to take some steps to promote your own personal safety. Here is what we recommend.

Choose a self-storage site that feels safe for you

Everyone has different risk profiles. Some people may be happy to access their storage unit without seeing a member of staff; while others will be reassured to know that there is a receptionist or a security guard on site. You might prefer to have CCTV coverage, and locking doors between you and the outside world, too. When you shop around for a self-storage company, think about what facilities will make you feel safe.

Remember that your storage company will have security measures in place that aren’t obvious, and it may reassure you to ask about them.

Of course, 24-hour staffing and extensive security comes at a cost and this will be reflected in your monthly self-storage bill. This is why it’s important to get quotes from several storage companies when you are trying to find out how much self-storage is. You may decide, when you compare the offerings of three or four local storage companies, that a slightly higher monthly bill is worth it if it means you’ll feel happier moving domestic goods in and out of storage.

See our blogposts on how to cost up self-storage and how to choose the right self-storage facility.

Safer lifting while at your storage unit

Another safety issue with self-storage is injuries and accidents caused by unsafe lifting practices. Read our blogpost about safe lifting to familiarise yourself with correct technique. Ask for help from a friend if you know that you’ve got a two-person job on your hands. Make use of trucks and trolleys offered by your storage company, too.

If you’re renting a locker or cupboard and you’re storing heavier goods, ask for one that is on the floor, rather than stacked. This will save you the trouble of lifting your boxes of stored goods.

Pack your unit smartly so that heavier goods are at the bottom, and things you know you’ll want more frequently are easier to reach.

Health organisation Bupa has some advice on safe lifting.

Ask for help to feel safer at your storage unit

Taking a friend when you visit your storage unit means you have someone to help with the lifting, and it will also give you extra security should you feel unsafe.

You could also think about how you would get help if you needed it at your storage unit. Do you have the storage company’s emergency number saved on your phone?

Follow your storage company’s rules

When you sign up for self-storage you will agree to certain rules. There will be limitations on what you can store, and you will have certain responsibilities regarding keys and codes. These rules are there to keep you, your goods, other storage users and the storage company’s staff safe, so it’s important that you follow them

While at your storage unit, be cautious about holding doors for people you don’t know. And don’t share gate or door codes without checking first. If you need to give a delivery driver or a man-with-a-van access to your storage unit, ask the receptionist or your usual contact at the storage company to talk you through the arrangements. Sometimes your removals contractors will have to be escorted by storage company staff. In other cases, it might be fine to give them a key and let them get on with it.

Insure your stored domestic goods for peace of mind

One other thing you can do for peace of mind at your storage unit is to insure your stored goods with a specialist insurer like Store and Insure. Get a quote today.


Question and Answer


Do storage units have CCTV?

It is increasingly common for storage companies to use CCTV to ensure the security of their customers and the domestic goods stored on their premises. To learn more about how CCTV images of your self-storage unit are used, check your chosen storage company’s website for their CCTV privacy policy, or ask to see a copy of it.