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Pack your storage unit like a boss

Pack your storage unit like a boss
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Make the most of the space in self-storage with our tips

It’s to your advantage to make the best use of the space in your storage unit. You generally pay for self-storage by volume – so a larger space costs more money. By packing efficiently you may be able to downsize, saving cash each month.

1.    Make a self-store inventory

The best service you can do yourself as you plan for self-storage is to make an inventory. It will help you when you are getting quotes from storage companies. It will help you when you pack. An inventory will help you when you organise insurance. And an inventory will help you when you come to unpack.

2.    Know how much space you need

An inventory will also help you to make good use of those storage space calculators that many self-storage companies offer.

You can also eyeball it by getting your stuff together in one place. Once you’ve arrived at the unit, be ready to ask for a smaller (or larger) unit, though. A decent storage company will meet your needs.

3.    Dissemble large items

Larger items can be tricky to move and store. If you dissemble them, it makes life simpler and safer. Note, however, that for maximum efficiency in your storage unit furniture like wardrobes and bookshelves can be used for their intended purpose – that is, storing clothes and books.

4.    Label boxes and bags

If it’s got stuff inside it, label it. It will help you when you move because you’ll have a rough idea of how heavy a box is likely to be before you try to lift it. It will help you to organise your space because you’ll be able to group similar items together.

5.    Don’t overpack boxes

Avoid the temptation to fill boxes right up. Although this seems inefficient, remember that you are going to be carrying those boxes to and from your car. When you’re looking for packing boxes, avoid very large cartons, as these will often end up very heavy when filled and they can be awkward to carry. This detailed blogpost from Removal Reviews has some great box packing tips.

6.    How will you use your unit?

If you are using your self-storage unit to keep items that you will want from time to time – for example sports equipment that you use a couple of times a month – it may not be to your best advantage to pack your unit too tightly. Remember to put items that you want to lay your hands on quickly near the front.

When you come to pack your van, put items that you will want often at the back of the van. That way they will go at the front of the storage unit.

For more tips on efficient packing, see our post, use the space in your storage unit efficiently.

Insure your stored goods

Do you know whether your goods are insured? Some home contents insurance covers your stored goods, but it may not cover them in transit, unlike a policy from Store and Insure. Note that you will need insurance as part of your contract with your storage provider. You do not have to accept the insurance quote they offer you, however. Get a quote from Store and Insure today.