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Tips for storing a cooker

Tips for storing a cooker
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Can I put a cooker into my storage unit?

Most appliances – including cookers – can be kept in a storage unit. As long as it is clean and dry before you store it, a self-storage company will have no objection to you putting your cooker, range, oven or hob into your storage unit.

Is it safe to keep a gas cooker in storage?

A clean, dry gas cooker is safe to store, and it will be covered by your self-storage insurance. However, note that gas cylinders will not be allowed in a storage unit.

When you want to use your mains gas oven or hob again, you’ll have to get it reinstalled in your home by an engineer who is on the gas safe register.

How much space will I need to store my kitchen appliance?

Storage centres offer units in various sizes, and there is no standardisation. A single cooker would probably fit into a 25 sq ft storage unit, but it would depend on configuration. For a range-style oven, you may want a larger storage unit.

How long can I store an oven for?

As long as you keep paying your storage bills, the storage company should keep storing your goods! Some storage companies will give you a discount if you pay for six months or a year of storage in advance. There is no time limit for storing a cooker, but appliances may look dated after five or ten years.

Getting a cooker ready to store

Any appliance that has been used for food preparation needs careful cleaning before storage. This is to avoid attracting pests and it prevents smells permeating through your other stored goods. So thoroughly clean and dry your cooker before it goes into storage. Some cookers have a self-cleaning function, but others may benefit from a professional clean before storing. Your oven’s instruction manual will have some pointers about what cleaning products to use, and which parts of your oven can be removed for cleaning.

Tips for safely moving a cooker

Try to get a storage unit that is near the entrance so you don’t have to carry your cooker too far. Some storage companies do supply trolleys to help you get items to your storage unit.

Some cookers and ovens – particularly double ovens and ranges – are heavy so you may need help with carrying them. Protect finishes and glass panels with moving blankets, and check the manual to better understand the correct way to move your oven.

Learn more about how to lift an oven in our post on safely moving large domestic items.

Is my stored oven insured?

Your self-storage insurance policy with Store and Insure will cover ovens and cookers in your storage unit. Remember to let your insurer know if the value of your stored goods changes significantly – for example, if you move your cooker in or out of storage.

By the way – make sure you’re not overpaying for self-storage insurance by getting a quote from Store and Insure. It takes minutes, but it could save you cash every month.


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Can I keep electrical goods in my storage unit?

It’s normal to store electrical goods, including domestic appliances in your storage unit. As a rule, storage companies will not allow you to store electrical goods that are running. For example, you can’t plug in your refrigerator in your storage unit.