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Stay safe while lifting

Stay safe while lifting
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What is the best lifting technique to use when moving in and out of self-storage?

When you need to move your goods around it’s important to consider your lifting technique.

Why is it important to lift correctly?

Poor manual handling techniques can leave you more tired than you need to be. Moving domestic goods around is hard work anyway – don’t make it more difficult than it has to be.

Bad lifting technique can also cause injury to your back, neck, shoulders and arms – including cuts and bruises from accidents and even long-term musculoskeletal disorders.

How much weight can I lift safely when moving house?

It is difficult to say how much weight you can lift safely. It depends on:

The load

You will not be able to lift as much weight if the load is bulky, awkward or unstable.

The individual

Different people can manage different weights. It depends on your body size, build, injuries etc.

The task

You may be able to manage a large load over a short distance. But over a longer distance, you may not be able to carry the same load.

The environment

You will struggle more with a heavy load if the surface is uneven or slippery; or in extremes of temperature; or if there are obstacles such as stairs or closed doors to navigate.

Do not try to handle more weight than you can manage easily, particularly if you are not usually very active. Just because you can lift something, doesn’t mean you should!

How do I lift safely?

The first step is to plan the lift. Make sure the route is clear of debris and that you are aware of any trip hazards. Check that you are wearing comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, and your footwear is safe. Think about how you can make it easier for yourself:

  • could you move your vehicle closer, so you don’t have to carry items so far?
  • is there anywhere you can rest the load midway?
  • are there any trolleys or lifts that you can use?
  • can you get help?

When you lift, keep the load close to your waist and close to your body. This reduces the pressure on your back. Lift from a squat and avoid stooping or twisting.

How do I carry a heavy load safely while moving goods to storage?

When you are carrying a heavy load, move smoothly. Jerky, fast movements can put you at risk of injury.

How do I put heavy domestic goods down safely?

To put your goods down safely, do not try to place them in their final spot if that is awkward. Put your load down first and then slide it into the precise position.

Where can I find out more about lifting safely?

The NHS has good information about safe lifting. And our blogpost 7 tips for a safe move into storage has a few more ideas.

How can I avoid lifting domestic goods when moving them in and out of storage?

If lifting presents a real challenge for you, then you may think that you can’t use self-storage. This is not necessarily true. Some storage companies expect you to pack and unpack your own units. But others have staff on hand to help you. Or they may even collect and deliver your goods. Of course, these extended services will be reflected in the monthly cost of storage – but you may be able to find other ways to reduce your monthly storage bill with our help!

Are my goods insured when I am moving them in and out of storage?

Your Store and Insure policy will cover your domestic goods while you are moving them in and out of storage. If this isn’t the case with the storage insurance you already have, get a quote today from Store and Insure for added peace of mind.