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Pre-Christmas cleaning plan

Pre-Christmas cleaning plan
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Ready for the run-up to Christmas?

Hard to believe it, but Christmas is not far off. Keeping on top of the housework will let you ride out the season’s ups and downs, and – hopefully – give you more energy to enjoy Christmas treats and pleasures.

Housekeeping tasks for early December
  • Plan meals that will help you to clear out your pantry, fridge and freezer to ensure you’ve got room for all the festive goodies.
  • Book an oven clean.
  • Book a window cleaner.
  • Check you have all the cleaning supplies you need, as well as things like bin bags, kitchen roll and toilet paper.
Declutter and donate before Christmas

One instant way to make your home seem tidier and bigger is to reduce the amount of stuff you have. Decluttering unwanted household goods is an easy win, whether you send things to waste via the dustbin or recycling centre; or to donation through a charity shop or giveaway site.

Have a plan for where you’re going to send unwanted goods, and make sure you only donate goods that are truly useable, as explained in our post.

And of course, you can declutter temporarily by putting items you won’t use over Christmas into self-storage. Many storage companies will let you rent storage for a few weeks – which is perfect if you’re just looking to make extra space over the festive period. And when you insure your stored domestic goods with Store and Insure, we only charge you for the days your goods are in storage. Get a quick quote today to find out more.

Cleaning plan for a bedroom

Unwind this Christmas in a serene, organised bedroom.

  • Declutter unwanted books and stack books you do want neatly.
  • Put clothes and shoes away. If you lack space, put out-of-season clothing into storage and donate or recycle clothes you don’t wear.
  • Dust surfaces, including window sills, tops of picture frames and light fittings.
  • Change the bed and vacuum the mattress.
  • Fold quilts and spare blankets.
  • Vacuum the floor, including under the bed.
Cleaning plan for reception rooms

A tidy living room and dining room make hosting much simpler.

  • Declutter by recycling old magazines and newspapers and donating unwanted books and media.
  • Vacuum easy chairs and sofas.
  • Tidy and declutter toys and games.
  • Dust ornaments and books. Polish mirrors and glass.
  • Vacuum, including under heavy furniture (you’ll be glad you did if you end up moving the sofa for a game or dancing during a Christmas party!)
Cleaning plan for the bathroom

A shiny bathroom will make selfcare that bit easier during December.

  • Clear out unwanted toiletries (see our post on how long toiletries keep ).
  • Unblock drains, treat mould spots and limescale.
  • Clean loo, sink, bath and shower.
  • Sweep or vacuum.
  • Wipe surfaces.
  • Hang up clean towels (including hand towels for guests) and replenish soap and toilet paper.

For more ideas on making your bathroom into a sanctuary, see our post.

Cleaning plan for the kitchen

Christmas cooking is much easier in a clean tidy kitchen.

  • Declutter anything that shouldn’t be in the kitchen.
  • Clean appliances according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Treat clogged drains.
  • Give your dishwasher and washing machine a maintenance wash.
  • Wipe surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop floors.
Cleaning plan for the hall

The entryway is the first thing your guests see; and a tidy hall is one of the keys to an organised life so it’s worth taking time to get it right.

  • Declutter coats and shoes that are no longer used.
  • Put summer jackets and shoes into storage.
  • Sweep or vacuum.

See our post for more ideas about tidying your hallway.

Get ready to decorate for Christmas

Now that your home is clean and decluttered, it’s time to decorate for Christmas. The clearer your surfaces, the better your decs will look, so consider putting some knickknacks and pictures into storage for the duration.

Preparing for guests

Give your guests a warm welcome with these simple steps.

  • Move work equipment out of reception rooms.
  • Turn on the heating in the spare room.
  • Make space for their coats and shoes.

For more ideas, see our post on simple routines for a peaceful Christmas.