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Ideas for displaying stock at a yard sale or boot fair

Ideas for displaying stock at a yard sale or boot fair
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Selling at a yard sale, tabletop sale or boot fair is a fantastic way to turn clutter into cash. But if few people stop to browse your stall, you won’t make many sales. By making your stall look great, you’ll attract more punters, shift more stuff and make more cash.

Stalls with goods in one category attract serious buyers

Collectors and those looking to spend will gravitate towards stalls with a wide selection of whatever it is they are looking for, be it CDs, books or clothing. Group equivalent items together on your stall, and make it easy for people to browse. For example, hang clothes on a rack and arrange books by genre so people can quickly scan the titles.

If you are advertising your sale, be sure to mention the categories of goods you are offering. An ad, or poster that says, ‘YA and romance books, children’s clothes, horror DVDs and vintage video games’ is more appealing than a yard sale listing reading, ‘Books, clothes and media’.

Have a star item to draw interest at your boot fair

A large and unusual item will often make people stop for a second look. Even if they don’t buy it, they are then more likely to browse your stall. Good examples of this are large toys, a piece of brightly coloured furniture, a large picture or mirror. With any luck, your stall will become the day’s landmark! If you’re lucky enough to sell your star item, ask the buyer if they would like to pick it up later so they don’t have to carry it round with them. That way, it is still available to attract the punters.

Special offers will encourage people to buy more

Entice people to carry off more of your boot fair stock by making offers like buy four get one free; or £1 each and six for a fiver. A special offer also helps you engage with browsers, because you have something specific to say to them. If you’ve chatted to someone, they are more likely to buy, so it’s worth putting on your best socialising face at a sale or boot fair.

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Store your boot fair goods carefully to maximise their appeal

Items that are broken, dirty, creased or squashed will appeal to fewer people, and so they are less likely to sell. And domestic goods that have been stored in an attic or uninsulated shed might smell musty, or they could even be damaged beyond repair. Media like vinyl records and video cassettes will suffer if they’re stored in a spot with wildly fluctuating temperatures. To maintain their value, put them in your storage unit, rather than trying to store them at home. Don’t forget that your boot fair or yard sale goods will be covered by your self-storage insurance while they’re in your storage unit. Get a quick quote from Store and Insure for your self-storage insurance.


Question and Answer


Can I hold a yard sale from my storage unit?

The question of whether or not you can hold a yard sale from your storage unit is one for your storage company. Most storage companies would be fine with asking a potential buyer for your furniture or a domestic item to meet you at your storage unit. But advertising a yard sale in a self-storage unit is a rather different proposition, and definitely one of those times when it is better to ask for permission earlier in the process, rather than forgiveness during the event!


Can I keep my children’s toys in my storage unit while I’m waiting to sell them?

You can store domestic goods, including toys, that you are planning to sell, whether you’re waiting to hold a boot or yard sale or waiting for a more favourable time of year to sell that particular item.


Can I store goods I’m planning to sell in my storage unit?

Many people do use their storage unit to keep goods for sale, and use the extra space to take listings photographs or to pack things ready for posting. Our insurance isn’t suitable for business inventory, however.


Can I store items for a boot fair in my storage unit?

We will insure all stored domestic goods, and that includes clothing, brick-a-brack, crockery, ornaments, toys and whatever else you are saving for a boot fair.