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Self-storage for students

Self-storage for students
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Moving out of your uni accommodation for the summer? Self-storage is here to help

Self-storage can be a lifesaver for college students who need a place to store their belongings during the summer, or when they’re studying abroad.

Of course, you could move all your things home again – but why not give mum and dad a break and make your own arrangements? Here are a few of the ways that students can use self-storage:

Summer storage: Many students move out of their college accommodation between June and October to spend time with family or to go travelling. Rather than paying for a flat or apartment over the summer when they are off campus, they save cash by putting their belongings into secure self-storage.

Making space in student accommodation: Space is at a premium on campus, and you may not have room for all your possessions. Many sports and hobbies require bulky equipment. Rather than annoying their housemates by leaving their paddleboard and cricket bag in the lounge, considerate students use self-storage.

Secure storage for your possessions: It’s a sad fact that some student accommodation is vulnerable to burglaries. According to The Complete University Guide, around a third of students will be a victim of crime. The nature of student housing and the lifestyle means that your friends and their friends, and your housemates and their friends may all have access to your possessions. A self-storage unit can offer a secure place to keep project work, tools and equipment that might be vulnerable in your halls of residence.

Study abroad: If you’re planning to study abroad, you’ll need a place to store your belongings while you’re gone. Self-storage is safe, secure, and affordable – much better than leaving it in your mate’s wardrobe.

How much is it to rent a storage unit?

The cost of renting a storage unit varies depending on the size of the unit, the location of the facility, and the length of the lease. We have some advice on costing up self-storage that will help you work out how much it is to rent a self-storage unit.

As a college student, you may be able to get a discount on your storage unit rental. Many self-storage facilities offer discounts to students, so be sure to ask. Your student union or university might also have an arrangement with a self-storage facility.

If you’re looking to save money on the monthly storage bill, be sure to check the insurance premiums. Insurance is mandatory for self-storage; but you don’t have to use the insurance offered by the self-storage company. You’re free to shop around for your self-storage insurance – get a quick quote from Store and Insure to start you off.

How to choose the right self-storage facility for your student storage

When choosing a self-storage facility, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Location: The location of the storage facility is important, especially if you’ll be using it frequently. You’ll want to choose a self-storage site that’s close to campus or your home.

Size: Make sure to choose a unit that’s the right size for your needs. You don’t want to pay for a unit that’s too big, but you also don’t want to be cramped for space.

Security: Security is important, so make sure to choose a facility that has security features that make you feel comfortable. Some people prefer a walk-up unit that they can access from the outside; others feel happier with an internal unit behind security gates.

There is a lot of choice in the self-storage world, so get quotes from several self-storage companies before you commit.

Self-storage is a great option for college students who need a place to store their belongings

It’s affordable, convenient, and secure. When choosing a self-storage facility, be sure to consider the location, size, security, and price.