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Cut your tumble dryer use

Cut your tumble dryer use
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Save energy and cash by minimising your tumble dryer use

In the cost-of-living crisis, many of us are seeking ways to save energy and money at home. One of the biggest energy guzzlers in UK households is the tumble dryer. Tumble dryers can use a lot of electricity which pushes monthly bills up. But don't worry: with a few simple appliance switches, most people can reduce their dependence on the tumble dryer and still enjoy dry, fresh clothes.

Try to air dry clothing where possible. During periods of dry weather, try drying clothes on racks inside or outside in warmer weather. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save up to £70 a year by minimising your tumble dryer usage. It will also protect your clothes from shrinking or fading. If drying indoors, crack open a window to maintain ventilation.

Spot clean clothes, rather than giving them a full wash. Only washing clothes when they really need it will mean you need to use your dryer less.

Leave some room in your tumble dryer to speed up the process. Tumble dryers need space inside for the hot air to circulate. Leaving space in your dryer can also prevent wrinkles and creases that require ironing later.

Dry similar fabrics together for a more efficient process. Some fabrics dry faster than others, so you can separate them and adjust the drying time accordingly. Consider drying speed when you buy clothing, too.

Try dryer balls to improve your dryer’s performance. You can use wool dryer balls that help absorb moisture and reduce static. Or there are plastic spiked dryer balls that make your clothes softer and fluffier without using fabric softener.

Use your washer’s spin cycle to remove water from your clothes. An extra spin cycle in your washing machine before transferring your clothes to the dryer can remove more water from and reduce the drying time by up to 10 minutes.

Clean out fluff from the tumble dryer filter after every load. Fluff and fibres can block the airflow and make your dryer work harder and longer. Tumble dryer lint can also be a fire hazard if it accumulates.

Choose an energy-efficient tumble dryer if you need to buy a new one. Look for models with an A+++ rating that use heat pump technology instead of conventional heating elements. These models can use up to 50% less energy than standard ones.

By following these tips, you can reduce your tumble dryer use and save money on your energy bills while being kinder to the environment and your clothes. Try them out today!

If you find you’re only using your tumble dryer in the winter, you may want to move it into storage so it’s out of the way. Tumble dryers, like all white goods in your storage unit, can be insured with your Store and Insure policy. Get a quick quote today to see if we can save you even more money.


Question and Answer


Can I keep a tumble dryer in a self-storage unit?

White goods, including tumble dryers and washer dryers can be stored in a self-storage room. They can also be included in your Store and Insure policy. Note that most storage companies will not allow you to plug in and use an appliance in your storage room.