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Storing a fridge or freezer

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How to prep a fridge-freezer for storage

Storing a refrigerator the right way will ensure your appliance can easily be put back into action in the kitchen when you are ready.

You probably cannot keep food in your stored fridge

Most storage centres will not allow you to store food and drink in your unit. So it won’t be possible to keep a deep freeze in your storage room. They will also expect you to keep your fridge turned off in storage. Having said that, it does depend on the facilities offered by your storage company, so why not ask? If you do get the go-ahead to place food in your fridge within your storage unit, check with your insurer, as it may have an impact should you wish to make a claim.

Preparing a fridge for storage

Your fridge will have to be stored switched off in most cases. Any food left inside is likely to spoil and may attract pests that can damage other stored items. So empty your fridge-freezer and then clean and dry it before storing.

Check manufacturer’s instructions for the best way to clean your fridge. You may be able to find the instructions for your fridge or freezer at eSpares. But if you don’t have the instructions, you can’t go far wrong with warm water and a gentle detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaning equipment and products and don’t use a strongly scented cleaning product on a freezer, as it may taint food stored in there in future.

If it is an American-style fridge that has to be plumbed in, make sure you have fully drained it by following the manufacturer’s instructions before putting it into store.

Fridges and freezers are best stored with the door propped open to allow air to circulate.

Moving a fridge-freezer

The manufacturer might have some handy hints and warnings about moving your freezer, so check the instruction manual before you start.

Fridges, particularly undercounter appliances, are not particularly heavy, so you may be okay moving your fridge without help. But if you have a large, larder-style fridge, get a friend to help. You may also need a van for a larger appliance. Be sure to pad your fridge-freezer while moving it to avoid damaging the finish. If you insure your stored goods with Store and Insure, you are protected while moving your goods between home and storage as long as you use a closed vehicle. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re adding a fridge to your stored goods, so you can be sure it’s covered. Insurance should not add much to the cost of your storage unit. If there is a costly insurance item on your monthly storage bill, get a quick quote from us, as we may have a more competitive self-storage offering for you.

How to store a fridge the right way

Fridges and deep freezers are best stored upright in their intended position. Do not stack heavy items on top of white goods, as this can damage them. You may want to store your fridge on a pallet for better air circulation. When packing your storage unit, think about the order in which you will want to take things out to ensure that items you’ll want in six months time are not stuck at the back behind items which are in storage for a longer period.

Make use of your stored fridge

While you can’t keep fresh food in your refrigerator in storage, you can use the space for lightweight items like DVDs or bedding. A chest freezer is particularly useful in storage. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid storing insanitary items like shoes or cleaning equipment in your fridge, as one day it will be used for food again. If you do use your freezer for storing smaller items, make sure you can open the door easily to get them out as needed.

For more ideas on keeping a fridge in storage, see our blogpost on how to store kitchen appliances.


Question and Answer


What is the best way to clean a fridge before storage?

To clean a fridge or freezer for storage, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a non-abrasive, non-scented cleaning product and be sure to dry your fridge before it goes into storage.


Does my self-storage insurance cover white goods in my storage unit?

Store and Insure’s self-storage insurance covers white goods placed in your storage unit.


Can I put a fridge on its back in my storage unit?

It is not a good idea to store a fridge on its back or on its front. Domestic appliances are best stored in their intended position.