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Ideas for storing outdoor toys

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Organise your garden toys so they are ready for play next summer

As autumn gets going and the nights draw in and children (and adults) are spending less time out in the garden, it’s time to protect garden toys and games from the weather so they’re in good condition for play next summer.

Before you store, declutter your outdoor toys

The autumn garden tidy is the perfect time to get rid of any outdoor toys that are broken and can’t be repaired or that your children have outgrown.

Anything that has years of play left in it should be passed on or donated to a charity shop. Toys are popular purchases in yard sales, or on social media market places.

Many toys are made from mixed materials and plastics that are difficult to recycle, so it can be troublesome to dispose of toys in a responsible way at end-of-life – but it’s worth at least trying. Anything with electronic components is best taken to your nearest household waste site. Inflatable toys can be sent to Inflatable Amnesty, who can give them new life as bags and accessories. Hasbro, Matel and LOL Surprise have teamed up with Terracycle to offer toy recycling, too.

Check list for storing outdoor toys

Once you know what toys you want to store, take a moment to get them ready:

  • make basic repairs
  • clean and dry anything dirty or wet
  • take out batteries
  • put sets together
  • treat any wooden components
  • order replacement parts
Check out your garden toy storage

Garden toy collections have a habit of growing during the summer – a bit like gardens, really! So autumn is a good point to check that your outdoor toy storage solutions are still working as they should. Perhaps you now have more sand or water toys than you can fit in your original boxes or bags! It’s time to get creative with storage.

Laundry baskets, tub trugs and large plastic planters are all possible garden- and child-friendly storage solutions for toys. Pro-tip: drill a few holes in the bottom of any storage used for water toys to allow easy drainage. Hanging bags made from nylon string are also a good storage option for garden toys, as they are free-draining.

When thinking about storage for garden toys, bear in mind that several smaller containers are easier for children to manage than one large one.

Use your storage unit for out-of-season garden toys

Once you’ve gathered all your garden toys and games together, you’ll want to get them under cover so they stay play-ready for years to come. If you’ve got room in your garage or shed, that’s great. But garden toys are a great candidate for a self-storage unit – you won’t want them for a few months, so don’t let them clutter up your living space.

Are my stored goods covered by insurance?

You may be wondering if your stored toys are covered by your self-storage insurance. Garden toys can definitely be covered by your Store and Insure policy. Just be sure to update your inventory and record any change in the value of your stored goods.


Question and Answer


Can I keep my children’s toys in my storage unit while I’m waiting to sell them?

You can store domestic goods, including toys, that you are planning to sell, whether you’re waiting to hold a boot or yard sale or waiting for a more favourable time of year to sell that particular item.