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Five signs that you should change your storage company

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Is it time to switch storage companies?

Some people have decades-long relationships with their storage company, and these long-term relationships are sometimes held up as the ideal. But things can change, whether it’s your needs or the way your storage company does business. If using your storage unit seems harder than it used to be, it’s time for a quick check in to see if your storage company is still meeting your needs.

Buildings and fittings at the storage centre are neglected

When you moved your stuff into storage, the buildings were brand spanking new, the lines in the car park were bright, the tarmac was smooth and you almost felt like you shouldn’t be walking on the carpets. Now, there’s an odd smell in reception, potholes on the drive, holes in the perimeter fence and there’s been a pile of damp boxes by the exit for three months.

For whatever reason, your storage company has stopped maintaining its buildings properly. It is increasingly likely that there are other problems that you can’t see, such as faulty alarms and leaks in the roof. Some of these issues might put you and your stored goods at risk, so if you report things and the storage company does not act on them, it’s time to move on.

Your storage company’s security levels are not right for you

Do you feel safe when moving things in and out of your storage unit? Storage centres can be isolated places, particularly if you visit out of hours. If for any reason you feel unsafe, whether it’s because doors aren’t working, as they should, lights keep going out or because you get the feeling you are being watched, ask yourself whether you might be better off with a different storage company.

You may be able to allay your anxieties by taking some personal safety precautions and by talking with the staff about things like security cameras, or doors that won’t open easily. But if they dismiss your fears or are not helpful, that suggests there is a mismatch between the storage service they’re offering and the service you need.

Staff or customers at the storage company are aggressive or rude

It’s a fact of life that some people just aren’t very nice. But you don’t have to put up with aggressive or rude treatment while visiting your storage unit. If the staff are grumpy themselves, or if they don’t help when other storage customers give you grief, it’s time to switch to a different storage company.

Your storage company is bad at communication

Many customer service problems at self-storage centres could be prevented through good communication; and when problems do arise, good communication makes them so much easier to fix.

If you suddenly find yourself in trouble at your storage centre for breaking rules you didn’t know existed, or your monthly bill goes up unexpectedly, ask why that is. Are you missing emails or letters or did the company just not tell you? You might be able to fix your email inbox, but it is very hard to force a company to communicate if they don’t want to. Do give feedback to your storage company about poor communication, but if they don’t fix it, it may be easier to move your stuff rather than trying to get them to change. Consumer guide Which? has advice on effective ways to make a complaint.

Your storage company keeps hassling you to upgrade or pay for extras

Ever get the feeling that the storage unit you’re paying for each month isn’t good enough? Could that be because your storage company is constantly badgering you to upgrade to a bigger room, or add on services that you don’t need? If the hard sell is getting to you, consider switching to a more easy-going company.

By the way, one ‘extra’ that some storage companies are keen for you to buy is their insurance. Self-storage insurance is mandatory across the industry, but you don’t need to take the insurance that the storage company tries to sell you. Self-storage companies can make a good profit from customers who don’t know that! There are plenty of specialist providers of self-storage insurance, including Store and Insure, and it’s worth shopping around.

Time for a new storage provider?

Changing storage provider can be a bit of a headache, with the extra admin, not to mention the bother of moving your stuff – but if it’s time to change, it’s time to change. We’ve got some tips to help you choose a reliable storage company that meets your needs.

One bit of admin that will not cause you a headache is checking that you are getting best value for money on your self-storage insurance. Get a quick quote from Store and Insure to see what we mean!


Question and Answer


Do I need to insure my stored goods in a public storage unit?

Most reputable storage companies will require you to insure your stored goods as part of your contract with them.