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What are the advantages of an internal storage room?

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Should I get an internal storage room or an external storage room?

When offered a choice of storage rooms, what do you look for? One of the big choices to consider is whether you need an internal or external storage room.

An internal storage room is accessed through a lobby or a corridor. An external storage room opens to the storage centre’s yard.

Internal self-storage rooms have a more stable temperature

An internal storage room is likely to have a more stable temperature, so if the goods you are storing do better in a stable environment, internal might be the best choice for you. We have a handy reference list of things that need to be stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit.

External storage rooms may be more convenient

When you use an external storage room, you can often drive your car or van right up to it when dropping off your stuff. This means you don’t have to carry boxes down miles of corridor. Some storage companies will offer the use of trolleys and lifts, which will ease your burden. But if convenience is important to you, then an external unit is recommended.

External storage rooms are more likely to allow you 24-hour access, too, which means you can move or check your stored things outside normal office hours.

External storage units are often larger than internal storage units

You may find that you get more space for your money with an external storage unit because they tend to be more basic than internal storage units. Having said that, there may be less choices of unit size with a storage company that offers only external storage units. So if you want to move your goods to a smaller or bigger unit with the same company, that may not be possible.

Internal storage rooms are often more secure

For some people, nothing beats the security of passing through a staffed reception, tapping in a pin, entering an indoor space protected by cameras and alarms and only then unlocking an internal storage unit. But if that just sounds like a chore, then you may prefer an external storage unit. Of course, security measures like CCTV and alarms will come at a premium, so expect to pay extra for a more secure unit.

Internal storage rooms are more easily accessed in bad weather

Trying to move items into or out of an external storage unit in heavy rain or snow is hard work and will leave you and your goods damp. You can access an internal storage unit in comfort and convenience while the rain pours down outside.

How much does it cost to insure my goods stored in an external storage unit?

The best way to work out the cost of insuring your stored domestic goods is to get a quote from a few specialist self-storage insurers. By getting multiple quotes, you can be sure of getting the best value for money. Start by getting a quote from Store and Insure.


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Which storage companies are best?

Whatever way you fall on the internal or external storage room debate, if your storage company is a member of the British Association of Removers, or the Self Storage Association , you can be assured of a facility that meets minimum conditions for security and safety. For help finding a storage company, see our helpful directory.