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Can I keep DIY equipment in my storage unit?

Can I keep DIY equipment in my storage unit?
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What’s the best place to store home improvement tools?

Storing your hammers, saws, drills and ladders in a shed or garage at home is all very well, but if you only DIY on occasion and need the space for other things then it might be time to consider storing them outside the home.

What is the most secure place to store tools?

An unsecured outside shed is the worst place you can store tools, particularly power tools like drills, sanders and angle grinders. Not even hand tools are safe, and to add insult to injury, some burglars will break into your shed and then use your tools to break into your house! Not only are tools in a shed vulnerable to theft, but they will also be exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity in an uninsulated shed. Using a climate-controlled storage unit will extend the life of your domestic tools and ensure they are ready for work when you are.

How should I organise my stored tools?

There are lots of sturdy tool boxes and bags on the market, as well as tool chests and tool storage systems. Some storage companies will allow you to install racks and shelving so you can further organise your tools to your liking.

Can I store power tool batteries in my self-storage unit?

Check your storage company’s rules to find out if there are any restrictions on storing batteries. Some types of battery should not be left unattended for long periods. To help you decide the best course of action, see our guide to storing batteries. There are unlikely to be restrictions on storing tools that are mains powered.

Use a tool inventory to keep track of what you own

Is there anything more demotivating than setting out to do a task around the home and then finding you don’t have the right equipment? Make use of your self-storage inventory to see at a glance whether you own a masonry bit for your drill, or a spirit level.

Are my tools insured when I keep them in a storage unit?

If you are wondering whether self-storage units have insurance, you’ve come to the right place! The answer is that self-storage insurance will be a condition in the contract that you have with your storage company. So you will need to insure your stored domestic goods one way or another. Some storage companies offer their own insurance – which may seem convenient, but it does not always represent good value for money. So don’t accept this extra cost on your storage bill without shopping around with specialist self-storage providers. Get a quote from Store and Insure to start you off!

A storage unit is a really good place to keep domestic goods that you use sometimes, but not often, and that could definitely include DIY tools.


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Can I use my storage unit as a workshop?

In general a storage unit should only be used for storage – but some storage companies offer mixed-use units. A workshop outside the home is an appealing option, as it allows you to have a dedicated space for your crafting or making hobby; a space that you don’t have to tidy up when visitors are coming.


Can I keep emulsion paint in my storage unit?

Storage companies often prohibit the storage of paint and solvents for safety reasons. So before you store paint tins, check whether it’s allowed. It may be better to pass unwanted paint on to a community group that needs it, or dispose of it immediately, rather than trying to store it. It’s fine to keep clean decorating equipment, such as dry paint trays, masking tape, ladders, roller handles and washed brushes in your storage unit, though.