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Mice eat stored sports kit

Mouse invading storage unit
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What to do when rodent pests ruin your stored goods

An American football team based in Nottingham recently had the terrible experience of opening up their storage unit to find it had been invaded by mice, as reported by BBC News.

The infestation cost the Nottingham Caesars thousands because the mice gnawed padding, jerseys and helmets. These items are hard to repair and expensive to replace. The team is now fundraising to replace the nibbled sports kit that it uses to help rookies new to the sport.

Could mice invade my self-storage unit?

Reputable storage companies are very conscious of pests and should be working hard in the background to ensure your stored possessions are safe. When you choose your storage company, look out for pest control measures, and even ask staff how the company manages pests. If you see rats or mice running about in the storage facility, walk away: it’s not worth the risk.

Protect your stored goods from squirrels, mice and rats

First of all, you would be very unlucky to suffer rodent damage to goods in a reputable storage company. So by opting for self-storage, you’ve already taken the first step towards protecting your goods. Rodent damage is more likely if you store things in your loft, garage or in a shed.

Mice in search of nesting material will make short work of cardboard boxes and tough plastic tubs are a better option if you suspect there may be rodents about.

You can store domestic goods for long periods, and regular inspections are a good defence against pests. You will spot the signs of a rat infestation early on before much damage can occur. And moving items around will discourage mice and rats from setting up home.

For more ideas about preventing damage from rodent vermin, see our blogpost.

Are my stored goods insured against rats and mice?

Your self-storage insurance policy should protect you if rats, squirrels or mice do manage to get into your unit. It takes moments to check your coverage. Look for phrases like ‘moth, insect or vermin’ to ensure your possessions are covered. Usually, the coverage will only apply if the infestation came from outside the property insured. This means that if you bring items into storage and there’s a mouse’s nest or moths inside one of the boxes, you are not insured. So it’s worth checking your goods over carefully before you place them in storage.

Store and Insure’s policy will cover you if mice or moths invade your unit and nibble your stored books or take a fancy to your clothes.

What should I do if my stored goods are damaged by mice and rats?

As soon as you become aware that your stored goods have suffered from a mouse infestation, tell your insurer. In most cases, there’s a time limit after which your claim can’t be considered, so get in touch promptly. Hang on to damaged items as your insurer may need to take a look. They will let you know when you can dispose of them.

Mice, rats and squirrels can cause a surprising amount of damage in a short time, so they are a real concern if you are storing domestic goods. But good insurance, a reputable storage company and regular inspections will go a long way towards preventing rodent problems.


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Am I insured against damage to my stored goods caused by mice and rats?

Your Store and Insure policy will cover you against pests as long as the infestation comes from outside the stored property.