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Streamline your craft stash

Women doing fibre crafts
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Organise your crafting stash for maximum creativity

Buying supplies for a fibre-craft hobby, whether it’s knitting, stitching, dress-making or crochet, is for many people, a key part of the fun. But what do you do when your craft stash starts to get unmanageable?

Busting your craft stash

The first step in organising your craft stash should be to get rid of any supplies, whether fabric, yarn, notions or buttons, that you know you are never going to use. Maybe they’ve fallen out of fashion, or maybe you just don’t like them any more. Whatever the reason, don’t give valuable storage space to fibres that you don’t love. Make use of Ebay, local selling sites or a boot fair to shift your unwanted craft items. Some charity shops specialise in craft goods, too. If you often pick up pretty craft bits from a charity shop, ask if they would like a donation.

You don’t need to see your craft stash

Sometimes putting yarn, fabric or other paper supplies away for a time will allow you to view your materials through fresh eyes. If a crafting supply is not appealing but you do want to keep it, put it in store. With any luck, you’ll be surprised by some fresh inspiration. It’s a good idea to set a calendar reminder so you remember to take it out.

Store your crafting kit for the off-season

Every activity has its season, and some people find that they spend less time on a crafting hobby during the summer as other outdoor activities become more enticing. Or perhaps like some knitters, you can’t bear working with warm wool when the weather is hot. And then there are crafting materials suitable for Christmas or Easter. It makes sense, then, when you know that you won’t use a tool, a fibre or a fabric for six months or a year, to put it in storage.

Protect your fibres and yarns from moth

Unfortunately, clothes moth infestations are becoming more and more common, according to the Natural History Museum. The moth’s larvae eat wool and silk as they grow. If you see the golden-winged adults in your home, take steps immediately to control them, or your natural fibres will be reduced to a mass of fluff.

If you know you have a moth problem, put new yarn and natural fibres into storage to protect them. Isolate any second-hand yarn in an airtight bag until you are sure it is free from moth. You won’t be able to claim for moth damage if the infestation was present when you moved your yarn into storage, so make sure that any fibres and woollen fabrics are free from moth before you store them. Some of the tips in our post about Storing heirloom textiles also apply to craft materials.

Protect your precious crafting materials

And, don’t forget to protect your stored craft items with self-storage insurance. Self-storage insurance is mandatory for most reputable storage companies. In many cases it is just added to your bill – but you can shop around for a better deal, so check how much you are paying each month and get a quote from Store and Insure to make sure you’re not overpaying.


Question and Answer


Can I keep a sewing machine in my storage unit?

Your storage unit is a good place to keep your sewing machine while it is not in use. Sewing machines are complex pieces of kit, and will benefit from climate-controlled storage that is clean and dust-free. Sewing machines in your storage unit will be covered by your insurance policy with Store and Insure.


Do I need to have climate-controlled storage if I am storing natural fibres like wool and silk?

Natural fibres may react to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage will keep your stored yarn and fabric in ideal conditions. Climate control also suppresses pests like moth.


Does my self-storage insurance cover me against moth damage?

If the moth infestation that has damaged your craft materials originated in your storage unit, you are covered by your self-storage insurance. But if the moth infestation came into your storage unit with your stored fibres, then you will not be covered by your insurance policy with Store and Insure.