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Storage for video games

Storage for video games
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Wondering where to put your collection of video games? We have some storage ideas for you

If you are an avid video gamer, a lot of your space may be taken up by all of your games and consoles. Turn your home into a video game haven by storing them in impressive displays that make it easy to quickly grab the game you want. Here are some of our ideas to help you organise your collection…

1.       Sort through your game library

The first thing to do is look through all of your video games to find any that are damaged. There is not much point in keeping a game that glitches or just does not work. After that, you may want to decide whether there any games you want to give away to charity, to a friend or even to sell. You never know, you may own one of the top ten most expensive vintage Nintendo games in your collection.

2.       Turn book shelves into video game shelves

One of the most common ways to store video games is to display them on shelves. This way, you can see everything you own and organise your games into whatever categories and systems you choose.

3.       Get rid of the packaging

One way to make a lot more space is to take the video game out of its packaging and store them in a suitable container. For example, video games on discs can be slotted into sleeves in an organiser case or other games can be kept in boxes.

You might also consider purchasing access to streamed versions of games to save space in your home – although many people much prefer to own a physical game, and that’s okay.

4.       Place your consoles and controllers out of the way

If you have multiple consoles and many different controllers, you may find putting them all in a small shelving unit or cupboard next to your screen will be the safest option for them. All the wires will be tucked away and your consoles won’t be stepped on. You can place the controllers in baskets, boxes or even fit some hooks on your wall or shelving unit to hang them up.

5.       Use a storage unit to keep your video game collection under control

After you’ve organised your library of video games and placed your consoles somewhere safe and you still don’t have enough room in your home to fit them all in, try using a self-storage unit. Your games will be safe and readily available whenever you need them. The same goes for any sound and visual equipment you need for your games. Read our blogpost on the best way to store AV equipment for some advice.

You may be wondering whether self-storage units have insurance. Some storage companies include insurance in their rates, but you should double check with your provider. And it’s worth shopping around for self-storage insurance, as storage companies do not always give the best deal. At Store and Insure we offer daily rates so you only pay for what you need – get a quote from us today!

A gaming paradise in your home

A well organised video game collection will mean you spend less time searching for missing discs and more time losing yourself in strange worlds, great storytelling and compelling quests. It will also let you impress guests with your mighty game collection.