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Storage for cosplayers

Storage for cosplayers
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Tips for storing cosplay costumes and accessories

You’ve put hours and hours into creating the perfect cosplay outfit. Now that the convention or festival is over, take the time to keep your costumes looking great.

Clean costumes before you store

Clean and check your costume before you put it away. This will allow you to make repairs, and check for damage. It’s worth making a few quick notes about how the build ‘wore’ at this time – that is, how it felt to wear at the event, what reactions it got, what you would do differently next time.

Cleaning is important because sweat residues and other grime will attract mould and pests, as explained in our post. Some items may be too delicate or difficult to clean, but the best you can do will be better than nothing.

Know your materials

Different materials have different vulnerabilities and so they have different storage needs. But the basic advice is to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause fading; and prevent fluctuations in temperature and humidity which can make materials deteriorate.

Manufacturers will have specific cleaning and storage instructions for wigs, masks and prosthetics – for example, see this post from Halloween Express about caring for latex items. Use Styrofoam heads for wigs and masks to help them keep their shape.

Plastic zipper bags may be appropriate for some items – but many storage experts recommend against plastic because it prevents air flow. Cloth garment bags would be a better bet – you may be able to run one up from a sheet or duvet cover.

Keep costumes together

It makes sense to keep the pieces of a costume together. Put jewellery and small prosthetics in a little bag or box and keep them with the main costume. You may want to raid accessories for another build, so it makes sense to record what is stored where.

Where should I keep my costumes?

Dressing up for conventions and festivals gets addictive and the chances are that after a few seasons your collection will outgrow your wardrobe.

But don’t be tempted to stuff more items into a tiny space, or to use unsuitable spaces like attics and basements. There is nothing worse than pulling out a lovingly created build to find that it’s spoiled because of poor storage.

Depending on the size of your collection it may make sense to look for cosplay storage space outside your home. A self-storage unit will provide and dark, temperature-controlled environment with plenty of space for your creations, ensuring that they are looking fierce and fantastical for the next convention.

Is my personal property covered in a storage unit?

Insurance will be a condition in the agreement you have with your storage company. Some household contents insurance policies cover goods stored outside your home. You’d need to check with both your household insurance provider and the storage company to see if this is the case for you. Some storage companies offer their own insurance – but their policies do not always offer the best value. At Store and Insure, we’re independent self-storage insurance specialists, and it’s likely that our policies will cost less and offer more benefits. So why not get a quote from us today for coverage for your stored costumes.

A final word…

It can be hard to learn that some cosplay builds are good only for a single outing – but this experience will tell you what is worth storing and what should be dismantled and repurposed. Remember that many cosplayers spend far longer making their stunning creations than they do actually wearing them, and you will have had a huge amount of joy and satisfaction from your build before the event begins. And once you’ve dealt with your worn costume as necessary, it’s time to start making plans for next year!