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Creating an inspiring home working space

Creating an inspiring home working space
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How to make working from home easy and professional

Now that a lot of us are working from home, we have to get used to being productive in spaces that are usually meant for relaxing. Many things can distract us, from other people, to domestic tasks and the snacks in our kitchen! We’ve compiled some easy tips to help you make your home working space more inspiring.

1.       Clear and clean the space

There is nothing more distracting than clutter and mess around you when trying to work. Get around to sorting those piles of paper you’ve been avoiding, organising your shelves or finally sorting out those unwanted items filling up your home. A clear space leaves you with a clear head and less distraction. Have a look at our article on de-cluttering tips and resolutions for more help.

2.       Create a stimulating atmosphere

Stimulating our other senses can provide a boost to our energy for work. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • sight – choose a space that has as much natural lighting as possible, like next to a window.
  • smell – scents such as rosemary, orange, lemon, peppermint and jasmine stimulate the brain into being more productive and optimistic. Try lighting a scented candle whilst you work and see the results
  • hearing – noises from outside, such as traffic, and noises from indoors, like appliances, can be a distraction and an irritation. You may not be able to find a space away from these annoyances – but anything you can do to take control of the sounds around you will help. You could try ear plugs or white noise (we find the web-based ambient sound generator A Soft Murmur easy and convenient) or music can increase focus and drive so play some songs and find out which ones help.
3.       Make an interesting background for video meetings

Video meetings are an important part of interacting with our colleagues and other people when working from home, so you’ll want your background to look professional. Experiment with painting your walls, lighting and decoration. If you work in a creative industry you may want to show off with colour and artwork, or if you’re an academic, bookshelves will display your knowledge. There are many different ways to show your style.

You can even outsource help if you don’t have the time, with companies such as Chirp that are trained to help you de-clutter and design spaces that are right for you.

4.       Store your goods away

You may have to move your home around when creating a new working space, and some items may have to be stored to make room whilst you re-decorate. Use a storage unit to keep your items safe and out of the way until you find out what to do with them.

It’s important to find out whether the unit you choose includes insurance to cover your items; not all companies do, though insurance will be a condition of your contract. Home contents insurance covers items that you have in your home – clothes, furniture, art, electrical items and much more, but it may not cover your stored items, so check the terms of your policy.

At Store and Insure we charge a daily rate to insure your goods so you can store your items for as short or long a time as you need. Get a quote from us today!

An inspiring home means inspiring work

By creating a productive home space you can focus on the important work you have to do.