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Storing handbags

Storing handbags
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How to prepare and put your handbags in storage

Is your guilty pleasure collecting handbags? Do you have so many that you don’t know where to put them? Try using a storage unit, where they can be kept safe and are easily accessible for whatever occasion you need them for. Before you store your bags, they’ll need some preparation…

1.       Clean your handbags first

Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your bag before leaving it in storage to prevent mould from growing. Bags made of fabric can often be hand-washed but always check the label first. Hard-pressed leather bags can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but natural leather needs to be wiped with a dry one. Leather needs a lot more attention that most materials so have a look at Vogue’s article on cleaning leather handbags for more detailed tips.

When cleaning inside the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt or a lint roller for a gentler touch.

2.       Stuff your bags to keep their shape

If a handbag stays empty for a long period of time, it can lose its shape. Pack your bag with tissue paper, bubble wrap or even old T-shirts to save them from sagging. Don’t use newspaper as the ink can stain the lining. Once you’ve stuffed it, wrap the handbag straps round each other so they keep their shape too.

3.       Consider a climate-controlled storage for leather bags

Items made of leather are best stored in a unit where temperature and humidity can be kept constant. If you want your bag to stay in its best condition, look into finding a climate-controlled storage unit.

4.       Place a cover on your handbags

Handbags can gather dust when left for a long time. The best way to prevent this is wrapping them in a sheet or putting them in a breathable bag; even a cotton pillowcase will do. Just avoid plastic wrapping as it traps moisture.

5.       Organise your storage unit

It’s a good idea to sort your handbags into different categories so you know where to find them. This can be done by size, colour, or material – whatever is easiest for you. If you have matching shoes to go with your handbags, we have another article on storing your shoes with more inspiration and tips on storing them.

6.       Insure your handbags

It’s always important to insure items that you put into storage. Contents insurance covers anything that you have in your home – furniture, electrical items, ornaments, clothes and even your handbags. Insurance is not always included with your unit, and if this is the case, look around for different providers. At Store & Insure we offer competitive prices for insuring your domestic goods – get a quote from us today!

A guilt-free home for your guilty pleasures

By following these tips, you can make your handbags stay as shiny and new as the day you first bought them.