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Why you should keep your record collection

Why you should keep your record collection
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Reasons not to throw away those old vinyl records

Most of us are listening to music through streaming services these days, so what’s the use in keeping your old record collection? Actually, records are having a comeback with a number of reasons making vinyl popular again. Here a few of them to convince you…

1.       Records have more value than you think

Before you dump your whole record collection, have a closer look at what you’ve got first – your dusty record may be a lot more valuable than you think.

As vinyl has become more popular, the demand for unique pieces and rare one-off albums has also gone up. That Beatles record that you haven’t played for years may be worth thousands of pounds, with an original pressing of The White Album going for £7,000. If you need more advice on the best way to check the value of your records, take a look at Money Magpie’s tips .

So, maybe wait a few more years before getting rid of your collection as its price may get better with age.

2.       Handing down a legacy

Vinyl has always been described as an ‘experience’, rather than just a mode of listening to music. The act of pulling it out of the sleeve, placing it on the turntable and hearing the soft crackle before the song starts is all part of the memories that go along with the record. It’s much more interesting to hold the album, look at its cover and read inside the sleeve than clicking on some pixels. Rather than passing on a digital folder to your family and children, you can give something a lot more meaningful through your record collection.

3.       No risk of losing your songs

Unlike a digital library, your records won’t be susceptible to viruses and bugs that can easily infect your computer if not secured properly. All those hours of downloading songs and compiling the perfect playlists may be lost forever because of clicking on a dodgy email or website. It’s pretty hard to lose a solid vinyl. By keeping all of your records, you are at a lower risk of losing your most loved music forever.

4.       Decoration

Why not trying using your records to decorate your home? They can be a unique way to show off your personal style and your musical taste. They can be displayed in a bookcase, or hung on the wall and framed like a painting. You could transform your living room into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame!

Vinyl is vulnerable to temperature changes, and it does take up space in the home. So while you decide how and where you’re going to place your collection, consider placing it in a climate-controlled self-storage unit for safe-keeping. It’s easy to do and you may be surprised at the reasonable prices.

Will storage units check credit? They may do, but most probably won’t. However, you are at risk of losing your stuff if you don’t pay the rent. If you run into trouble paying, then talk to the storage company sooner rather than later. To save money, checkout our blogpost full of tips for reducing your storage costs .

Also, S&I will insure your unit by the day, so you don’t have to pay more than necessary for your self storage insurance - Get a quote today from Store and Insure!

Keep the history of music alive

Just because music is becoming more digital, doesn’t mean we need to forget how it was before. The value of vinyl is worth remembering.