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Is lack of space spoiling your collection?

Is lack of space spoiling your collection?
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A collection, whether it’s Dinky toys, records or shoes should be a pleasure, but a lack of storage space can spoil the fun and make caring for it seem like a chore

People collect items for all sorts of reasons: nostalgia, to support an interest, as an investment or just because they find the particular class of item irresistible for reasons they can’t fully explain. Collectors often spend a lot of time caring for their items, whether it’s dusting a display of tinplate toys or re-filing a stamp collection. But a lack of space can strip all the joy from a previously loved collection. If this sounds like you – or the collector in your life – never fear. We’ve got some ideas.

Does the collection still meet your needs?

The best cure for too much stuff in too little space is decluttering… but decluttering doesn’t have to mean selling. At this stage we recommend looking over the collection to make sure it’s still meeting your needs. In short, is it still fun? If not, think about what would make it fun again. Would connecting with other collectors who share your passion help, either by going to a show or attending a meet-up? Or you might want to focus on a smaller subsection of the topic (for example, one particular colour, theme, maker, brand or decade).

A few select pieces displayed at home

Instead of displaying all your treasures at once, take out a few of your favourites – or a few that match the season, or, for whatever reason, are particularly relevant to you right now. Then display only those, well spaced and to their best advantage. Store the rest away, carefully boxed, and out of sight. Then in a few months you can freshen up the display by bringing out different items.

Take your collection out of the house

If you don’t have space at home to store your collection boxes, there’s always self-storage units. The secure climate-controlled rooms and lockers at a good storage facility are ideal for preserving a precious collection in the best condition, particularly if it is vulnerable to pests like moth. You can visit any time you like to admire or administer your collection. Some storage units offer 24-hour access so you can visit at any time, day or night. Consider paying a little extra for a larger storage unit so you have room to get things out. You could even keep a table in your storage room so you can open boxes and have a look at what you have.

Catalogue it

If you don’t already have records about your collection, the act of handling each item and discovering more about it could reignite your interest. It will remind you of how much effort and money you have put into your collection. And it gives you a chance to check for maintenance issues, too.

Get it valued and insure it

It’s awful to think of your collection being damaged or taken in a burglary, but if you’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort in it, consider insuring it. No amount of money can replace sentimental items, but it could help you to find pleasure in starting up again.

What is covered under contents insurance?

Your home contents insurance may already cover your collection – or it may not: you should check with the company that issued the policy. Before you start shopping for insurance, you’ll have to get your collection valued. Your records might tell you exactly what it would sell for, or you may need specialist help to value it.

If some or all of your collection is in self-storage, turn to Store and Insure for insurance. Our policies are tailored to the needs of stored domestic goods, and that includes many kinds of personal collection. Get in touch with us and tell us all about your collection in storage. We’ll provide a competitive quote, and the coverage includes moving your goods in and out of storage.