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Five advantages of decluttering

Five advantages of decluttering
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Keeping some of your possessions in storage will improve your life

In a consumer society it is easy to get overwhelmed by possessions. And if possessions are crowding up your living space, then you’ve got a problem. Professional declutterers are popping up all over the place. Some of them are keen to tell you that the answer is simple: own less. But there is no shame in owning things you think are beautiful or know are useful. Once you realise that you don’t have to have all of your possessions in your living space at the same time, the rest is easy. Here are some benefits of having fewer possessions in your home.

You gain usable living space

Once you tidy away infrequently used possessions, you may find you can use the room for its intended purpose. And you will gain space you can use for a neglected hobby, or perhaps a side-hustle that will earn you a bit of extra cash.

Your items are safer

The temperature and humidity of a domestic space like a house or flat rises and falls as the weather changes and because of living activities like showering and cooking. This can damage susceptible items like antique furniture, precious books, artworks, collectibles or even some stored sports equipment. A good self-storage facility will offer climate-controlled units with a stable environment to protect your items and keep them safe from pests. And you may find that your storage facility is more secure than your home, too, which will give peace of mind if you are worried about crime.

Your living space will be calmer

Clutter makes your rooms small, dark and a little bit stressful. It creates “visual clutter”, which can increase feelings of anxiety. Clear spaces in your home will help you and your family to feel calmer.

You can spend less time looking after your stuff

Items stored at home will, inevitably, get dusty and need to be cleaned. This is particularly important for record collections, because dust is a real problem for vinyl. You might also find yourself demotivated to do housework if you’ve got to move a surfboard, a bag of golf clubs and a box of ‘best’ dinner plates to hoover. Clear spaces at home save you time as they are quick and easy to clean.

You will fall back in love with your home

When you declutter a space you look on it with new eyes. You will be seeing the house you moved into. It’s also easier to redecorate a space with no clutter, should you wish to freshen up the look of your house. And if you don’t fall in love with your home, remember that it’s much easier to sell a tidy, decluttered house.

Is my personal property covered in a storage unit?

When you move your personal property into storage, your home insurance probably won’t cover it any more (but do check the terms of your policy). Many self-storage facilities require you to insure your stored property. They may offer their own insurance, but it pays to shop around. Call Store and Insure for a competitive quote. We even cover your stuff while you’re moving it into your storage unit.