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Can I insure my vehicle in storage?

Can I insure my vehicle in storage?
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All the information you need about storing vehicles

If you are not using a vehicle, rather than keeping it out in all weathers or in a domestic garage it makes sense to put it into secure climate-controlled storage. And of course, you’ll want to protect such a valuable item with self-storage insurance. Our policy is pretty comprehensive, but it doesn’t cover every kind of vehicle.

You should ask your storage company what they need to you do before you store your vehicle or boat. You will probably need to drain off any fuel before storing and disconnect the battery. Check with a garage if you need help doing this.

Can I store a motorbike?

For many people motorbiking is very much a summertime activity. So it makes sense to put your motorbike into storage during the colder months. Store and Insure can include a motorbike or scooter in your policy – but you need to let us know if it is worth more than £1,500.

Can I store a boat?

Boating is another seasonal activity. If you know your small boat will be out of water during the winter, it makes sense to put it into storage. Your Store and Insure policy can cover boats in storage.

Can I store a car?

If you will not be using your car for a few months, it makes sense to get it registered as SORN (statutory off-road notification) to save road tax. Rather than putting it in your garage, why not free up space by getting it stored professionally.

Your Store and Insure policy will not cover a car in storage. There are, however, insurers that specialise in stored cars. Search for laid-up or SORN cover to find out more.

Can I store a bicycle?

Pedal cycles can be covered by Store and Insure. You might be laying your bike up for winter. Or you might find it inconvenient to keep your bike at home: perhaps your living space is small and you don’t have anywhere outside to put a bike. Self-storage, particularly if the company is centrally located, could be a good option for you.

Can I store a trailer?

A trailer can take up a lot of space on your drive or in your garage and may make you unpopular with the neighbours if you park it in the road. Many storage companies will store trailers – and your Store and Insure policy will cover your trailer while it is in storage, too.

Can I repair my vehicle in my storage unit?

Most reputable self-storage companies will not allow you to repair a vehicle on their premises, even if it is stored there. See our blogpost about what you can and cannot do in a storage unit.

How much does it cost to store a vehicle?

The cost of self-storage varies enormously around the country, so the best way to get a quote is to call up your nearest storage companies and let them know what you want to store – whether it’s a bike, a boat, a trailer or a motorbike – and how long you want to store it for. They can tell you the size of unit you’ll need and give an accurate quote. And if you want to insure your vehicle for peace of mind, contact Store and Insure for a quote.